• im one of the sysop in padwiki(zh)

    it is awesome to have ja version of pad wiki,

    (sorry i cant really speak 日本語)

    but i was wondering if there is possible to fuse these 2 (zh and ja)

    since we are base on ja server (differ from enwiki is base on en server)

    and there ARE some jp user do use padwiki zh, even its in chinese

    the only thing the we need to do is make user interface in japanese, isnt it?

    its my humble opnion.

    and ty for this site anyway

    • Hey Rogerdd!

      Per my Japanese coworker's request I'm gonna answer your questions here.

      Wikia just has one server which is ONLY based in the U.S. Are you talking about the PAD game server?

      We just launched ja.wikia as a new sub-site under Wikia and all international channels are separate. Zh probably will do the same soon. Since PAD game was originally made in Japan and is very popular there, the JA team decided to build up a new one for JA fans there. The ZH PAD wiki is awesome and cannot be surpassed, but because most content are written in Chinese, it's better to have a different one for Japanese users to make it much clearer and more individual.

      If you wish to combine the two wikis, a good and common way is to do the inter-wiki links, as you can see on the bottom of most Wikia sites. However, the ZH Pad puts the link of EN site on the top to be remarkable; you can do the same way for JA PAD wiki too.

      Hope I answer your questions. Pls leave me messages for further discussion on ZH community central.


    • yes i was talking about the pad game server

      and i know its a popular game,

      and there are alredy atleast 5 wiki written in Japanese out there

      so its a shame to see the one on wikia will have a slow start

      and might even get hurt becouse the content not enough yet,

      (for the first time visit users, if they saw a site is not good enough yet, they might never come back again)

      so, i know all about the inter-wiki link, but

      just saying that if we fix the lauguage user interface problem,

      we (both comunity of ja, and zh/en, especially about PAD) can maintain at the sametime

      and since PAD has a very  powerful influence on general Japanese public,

      it might help JA wikia to grow aswell.

      (ill reply the same text on ZH community central too)

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