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"+1 Monsters" is a new mechanic added in Ver. 2.0.



In dungeon drops or Egg Machines, there's a small chance of getting an egg with a yellow plus sign. The monsters from these eggs are known as "+1 Monsters" or "+Eggs". Each +1 Monster will randomly have a +1 to one of its three stats (HP, ATK, or RCV), giving an extra bonus to that stat.

+1 Bonuses can be fused onto other monsters, for a maximum of +99 for each stat, +297 in total. Feeding more +eggs to a +99 stat has no effect.

+1 Category Value for each +1 Total with +99
HP +1 Actual HP+10 Actual HP+990
ATK +1 Actual ATK+5 Actual ATK+495
RCV +1 Actual RCV+3 Actual RCV+297

When a monster evolves, it will keep all of its + points.


When fusing monsters with +values, the coin cost greatly increases. The fusion cost will add 1000*the final +value on top of the original fusion cost (level * 100 * number of feeders).

In other words, the additional cost is
ExtraFee = (+value of the base monster + total +values of fodder) * 1000


Our base monster is a max Level Bastet with +160 already.
Screenshot 2014-09-05-19-27-43.jpg
Feeding three +1 monsters
Cost = 99*100*3 + 163*1000 = 192700

Screenshot 2014-09-05-19-28-35.jpg
Feeding one +3 monster
Cost = 99*100*1 + 163*1000 = 172900
A significant amount of savings for the same +3.

Screenshot 2014-09-05-19-29-48.jpg.jpg
Feeding a pile of + monsters
Cost = 99*100*5 + 196*1000 = 245500
Nearly 250K in coins. You'd save a lot if you fused those +s together first!

Due to the vast amount of money required to feed +eggs, a more economical method is to stock up your +eggs on minor monsters (like Bubblies or Carbuncles), then feed a larger chunk of +points at once. For instance, you can split up a stat's +99 points into 5 separate monsters with +20/+20/+20/+20/+19, then feed those 5 to the main monster.


Every PAD player has different priorities for +eggs. There are two basic strategies:

  • One camp says you should focus your +eggs on your best leader monster (such as a very desirable God like No.491  Flame Deity, Falcon Horus Flame Deity, Falcon Horus), because it will significantly influence people choosing your leader for Pal Points. As an added boost, you'll help them out more, too.
  • The second camp recommends giving +eggs to a sub that's useful on many teams. The most common choice is No.201  Empress of Serpents, Echidna Empress of Serpents, Echidna, but various Heartbreakers like No.694  Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie, who can serve as both leaders and subs on several teams, are popular as well.

Regardless, when possible, try not to spread your +eggs too thinly, especially on monsters who are only useful for a limited period of time, like Elementals or Resist Dragons. You're better off focusing on one or two very useful monsters.

Farming for +Eggs[]

The following dungeons are reputed to have higher drop rates of +eggs than usual. Your results may vary.

Keep in mind that Evo Materials and Enhance Materials will never drop with a +, so any dungeon that frequently drops those types of monsters (such as Pengdras) will reduce your chance of getting +eggs.

Other Notes[]

  • The Rank 20 Friend Gift will give a guaranteed +3 dragon. (Note: GungHo has previously banned people who keep creating alt accounts to abuse this.)
  • When selling a monster with +value, every + gives an additional 10000 coins. (Don't do this, there are much better ways to get coins!)
  • If the monster has a skill related to its base stat (e.g. Causing damage equal to 5x ATK, healing HP equal to 3x RCV each round, etc.), it takes into account the +values.