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Deathly Hell Deity Jackal, Anubis


This is the "easy" version of Anubis, but he's still hard enough to activate that you likely can't rely on him for regular dungeons that have all 5 color Orbs + Hearts. He can probably pull you through certain tough tricolor dungeons such as Takeminakata Descended!, but you're still going to be pressing your luck. Team up with other combo leaders like 888i and 804i, pile up your team with AwokenSkill19 Extend Time Awoken Skills, and hope for the best!

On the other hand, Anubis makes a solid (though not essential) sub for various teams. His orb-changing Active Skill can help out a 643i team, for instance.

For New Players

Even the best-of-best P&D players can't activate Anubis consistently. You don't want to start with him. If you already have another strong leader, though, you can bring him out for Lucky Fun Times on tricolor dungeons, or use him as a sub.


Anubis is the Egyptian god who defended the underworld and weighed the hearts of men for their evil deeds to determine whether they could enter the afterlife.

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