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Devil Fish


If you wanted to try a 474i Rainbow Crystal Resolve team but are left with no way to because CD Collaboration never made it to the US, your chance has arrived. With the recent change of the Skill AttackSkill AttributeUp Grudge Strike skill, shared by Devil Fish, 474i Rainbow Crystal and 244i Vritra, to be ATK-based rather than a static value, you also need something that can be leveled up and, with Attacker-typical low HP and high ATK, this skeletal fish is the perfect replacement. This alone unfortunately still does not make it more useful than a niche, but with Eva Collab and the famous Unit-13 coming soon to US, there may be uses for it yet to be found..

This guy doesn't just work well with Resolve Teams--he also pairs well with 629i, Seraph of Dawn Lucifer. Use Lucifer's active to reduce HP to 1, then use Bonefish's active to deal an extra 194,700 damage (if Bonefish is at max level.) That's a pretty hefty addition.

If you are lucky (or unlucky, depending on who you believe) enough to have 244i Vritra, you finally get to skill it up.

For New Players

A mid-level Dragon team with a 761i Jester Dragon, Drawn Joker friend allows for easy farming of the unevolved 1063i Bone Fish from Dragon Zombie (Dragons Only). Evolving it isn't too difficult either, given that you have to. Although nothing more than a novelty, farm a few, level them to over 1000 ATK then you can have fun with the fabled Rainbow Crystal Resolve team!


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