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Moonlit Shadow, Hattori Hanzo


Hanzo is unarguably the most useful pull out of all the Sengoku Ninjas, and oftenly the only generally useful one. His active skill is the only dark attacker 5-turn orb changer, and therefore is a near obligatory sub for 643i Hand of the Dark God, Metatron and also can help out other mono-dark teams. He can skilled up easily in the survey dungeon Watery Temptress, unlike the other ninjas. His active skill is also renowned for giving a huge burst for dark teams built around 566i Goemon, the Thief. However, he is not recommended as a starter as his leader skill gives no strength in the playstyle of attacker teams.

For New Players

Not a worthwhile starter. Leader skill does not give attacker teams real mid-late game strength. However, you could hold on to him to see if you get a strong mono-dark leader later.


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