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Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku


Byakko is a descend-wrecking leader (someone did challenge mode Celestial Black Dragon with her) that is not too hard to use, but you still have to pay attention. RCV is a common problem, although by using subs such as Echidna and Fallen Angel Lucifer, it will probably match up to the other Chinese Gods. Byakko is generally preferred over the other tri-color Chinese Gods due to her main type being dark, plus being devil, thus having synergy with lots of late game devils.

For New Players

Tri-color Chinese gods are not always easy for a beginner, although with enough practice, two Byakko(s?) alone can probably defeat Castle of Satan. It is very easy to find subs for a Byakko team. Early members include 201i Empress of Serpents, Echidna, 321i Keeper of Rainbow or 251i Dub-mythlit. I find beginners using 202i Enchantress of the Sea, Siren a lot, however 761i Jester Dragon, Drawn Joker is probably the better choice as 202i Enchantress of the Sea, Siren takes away all your fire orbs and Jester still covers water.

Late Game

Sample Descend-Wreckers: 1269i Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku 1240i Divine Flying General, Lu Bu 1553i Hell-Creating Archdemon, Lucifer 893i Queen of Condemnation, Persephone 1348i Cunning Trickster God, Loki 1269i Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku (9 row enhance, 7 skill boost) 1269i Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku 397i Underlord Inferno Hades 645i Archdemon Beelzebub 1074i Goddess of the Bleak Night, Pandora 1099i Crimson Lotus Mistress, Echidna 1269i Banishing Claw Byakko, Haku (6 row enhance, 4 skill boost)


Haku is the Western Constellation of the White Tiger in Chinese Astronomy. The white tiger is composed of 7 stars (in Aries, Taurus and Orion), hence the name Western 7-star Formation. It is most visible during fall. Notable stars in Byakko include Electra in Taurus.

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