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Earth Light Carbuncle


Carbuncles hardly need a guide, since they are among the most common "trash" enemies in the game. They can be valuable subs for a few ranks as new players catch their feet, and can be easily Awoken at low cost for some auto-healing. They are not, however, worthwhile as major investments on account of their weak active skills and poor stats.

For New Players

Please, please, please don't feed tamadra or anything valuable to Carbuncles. In the long run, Carbuncles are food, not friends. You will get many thousands of them if you just play for a little while. If you want to Awaken one, just evolve up a few mid-level Carbuncles.

Earth Light Carbuncles have only one use in any serious team: They provide a 5x attack bonus to a team led by the (currently Japan-only) Aamir if they and Moonlight Carbuncle are on his team.


Please don't search Wikipedia for Carbuncles, because the default result - an abscess larger than a boil - is pretty gross. Much more friendly is the Book of Imaginary Beings, a book written in the mid-20th Century which mentions that Carbuncles are Latin American creatures with gemstones set in their foreheads. (Source: Wikipedia; this link is the safe one.)

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