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Ice Mechdragon, Aldebaran


Mechdragons used to be nearly as useless as any other biweekly trophy dragon, with the minor benefit of having fairly strong early stats. After the dragon breath skills got revised, however, they now have a niche in the orb-enhancing business. 1211i Devil of the Depths, Kraken, the main competition to this dragon, has the benefit of a shorter skill cooldown but weaker stats. 1211i also has more synergy with Water teams (better Awoken Skills, Physical type), so it's not likely that a Water team will want Aldebaran over Kraken (or more advanced monsters like 820i, 645i, etc.).

For New Players

If you happen to get a lucky drop of this guy from the easier levels of his dungeon, he can be a helpful stat stick (and boom cannon) for a while. His team cost was cut in half in a recent update, so now he's easier to accomodate. Eventually you'll find other useful monsters to form a more cohesive team, so you can use this guy to build a 1206i or 1207i if you want.


Aldebaran is one of the brightest stars in the night sky, in the constellation Taurus (hence the bovine appearance of this "dragon").

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