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Dino Rider Drake


Being Attacker types, the Riders are good at one thing and one thing only - hitting hard. Unfortunately, their stats are such that you won't actually get a particularly good ATK value out of them until you've pumped way too much EXP and levels into them. Their Active Skills have too much cooldown to be really useful, and can't be skilled up unless US gets the CD Collaboration event. Their Leader Skills are completely useless.

As dual-color orb changers, the Riders are okay subs for Egyptian leaders 493i, 491i, and 497i, but only until you get something with a more useful skill.

For New Players

A Rider is one of the least valuable Gold Eggs you can get out of the Rare Egg Machine. Its shininess may look appealing, but if you roll one as a starter, throw it back quick.


The Riders are named after figures from Welsh mythology, with "Drake" being a term for a dragon.

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