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Infernodragon Muspelheim


I'll be frank. Legendary Dragons are terrible, even after you Ultimate Evo them. While they can work for a Resist leader, they have awful stats until you pump millions of XP into them due to their Late stat growth curve. You are much better off with 211i Meteor Volcano Dragon unless you are, like, insanely devoted to throwing 4 million XP into a dragon.

For New Players

Resist leaders can be very helpful in certain dungeons. So there's that. But it may be hard for you to acquire one. You're better off getting a 021i Lil' Red Dragon from the PAL machine and evolving it up. It will end up cheaper and with better stats and a more useful active. Or, in other words, all around better.


Muspelheim is the World of Fire and home of the Surtr's Fire Giants in Norse mythology, Wikipedia

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