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The content of this page differs from the newest Japanese version of Puzzle & Dragons. It will probably be added in future updates for the English version.


Super King Emerald Dragon


The Super King Emerald Dragon's life purpose is to level up monsters by giving them 100000 EXP (150000 to Wood types). He sells for 200k coins, so you can sell him if you're really desperate.

For New Players

Feed this guy to one of your (preferably wood) monsters, he is delicious. He has higher HP than a 248i and the same ATK, but lower ATK and RCV than 251i, and your monsters probably need the 100k EXP this guy gives if you're doing his dungeon.


The concept of the Metal/Jewel dragons (high-defense/low-HP bags of EXP) was shamelessly cribbed from the Metal Slimes in the Dragon Quest series.

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