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Satan, King of the Underworld


Very high HP, but negative RCV prevents HP recovery with orbs.

Leader Skill provides 3.5x ATK to Devil type with no conditions. Combine it with a friend's No.647  Satan, King of the Underworld Satan, King of the Underworld and he can form a strong 12.25x unconditional Devil team, and with 3x row enhance awakenings he forms the basis of a strong Devil team. While it is possible to team him up with other Devil leaders like No.656  Loki, the Finisher Loki, the Finisher, No.639  Dark Archdemon Lucifer Dark Archdemon Lucifer, No.912  Extant Red Dragon Caller, Sonia Extant Red Dragon Caller, Sonia or even No.599  Awoken Hera-Ur Awoken Hera-Ur, their RCV would be lost, so it is better to team him up with himself.

On the other hand he can also form a decent 2x/7x/0x team with fellow Descended boss No.645  Archdemon Beelzebub Archdemon Beelzebub, a combination that still retains a high ATK multiplier while also providing a ton of HP.

His Active Skill, once at a high enough level, is even stronger than No.629  Seraph of Dawn Lucifer Seraph of Dawn Lucifer's Morning Star, with identical CD, with the added bonus of Satan being farmable and thus much easier to skill up. Since the strength of the attack is based off of Satan's ATK stat, having enough +eggs for ATK on him will make the attack much stronger.

Sadly Devil teams are relatively hard to build up without REM-pulls, and their cost is generally very prohibitive until mid-to-late game, so it takes a while for him to shine. Alternatively one can try to get by using demons and max-evolved ogres, which is a viable, if sub-optimal way to go.

Also, while his high multiplier means that he can easily farm most daily dungeons, he cannot tackle most Descended dungeons without having some form of HP recovery via Active Skills, something that Devil types generally lack. No.393  Fertility Deity, Evil Ceres Fertility Deity, Evil Ceres is a key player here.

For New Players

Devil teams are hard to come by and he is also a Descended drop. Consider him a long-term goal.


Satan is one of the names of the Devil in Christian lore. He appeared as an angel testing the faith of humans and Jesus in the Bible, while his later incarnations painted him as the source of evil. Often syncretized with Lucifer.

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