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Chaos Blizzard Dragon


The Chaos Blizzard Dragon is a remarkably good "trophy" drop from Hera-Is Descended, particularly for Blue teams. Its Leader skill is only situationally useful - basically, whenever you might use No.212  Crystal Aurora Dragon Crystal Aurora Dragon in a mainly-blue dungeon - but its Active skill is the same as No.445  Ancient Dark Dragon, Caol-ila Ancient Dark Dragon, Caol-ila. Ancient ("Whiskey") dragons' low-cooldown Active skills are the main reason to include them in a team, but their team cost of 60 can often be prohibitive. The Chaos Blizzard Dragon's team cost of 25 makes him a very affordable alternative for mono-blue or dragon teams.

Additionally, the Chaos Blizzard Dragon has the "Devil" subtype, making him a viable team member on Devil teams.

Sure, he's nowhere near as valuable as the essential No.597  Awoken Hera-Is Awoken Hera-Is, but he's a lot better than you might expect from a single-dungeon non-boss trophy monster.

For New Players

You don't have one.


The artwork is a recoloring and/or photoshop of No.215  Chaos Devil Dragon Chaos Devil Dragon

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