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Noble Wolf King Hero, Cu Chulainn


Cu Chulainn has often been overshadowed by 694i Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie because he's not as fashionable. However, he is also a formidable 9x leader on his own, particularly with how many big names GungHo has been adding to the Balanced/Green roster lately. Take a look at this guy's potential subs:

And of course, 693i Noble Wolf King Hero, Cu Chulainn is an excellent Sub himself, with very worthwhile stats and an easily maxed 5-turn orb changing skill. He can be a lifesaver to Egyptian and Chinese rainbow teams, as well as a great asset to any mono-green team.

For New Players

Ultimate-evolved Cu Chulainn is a mighty hero, but he takes a lot of EXP and rare evo materials to get to that stage, plus he is farmable from Hero Descended, one of the easiest descended dungeons. For those reasons, he is not particularly recommended as your starting pull. (Plus, nearly all of those awesome team members listed above require getting lucky at the REM.)

If you are looking to use him as a leader, you can start by filling your team with Knights (069i071i073i075i077i), then work on farming up a 102i and/or 110i. Of course, don't forget about 686i King Woodsie!


Cú Chulainn is a hero from Irish mythology. His name means "Culann's Hound", because he killed the aforementioned hound as a child and so swore to serve in its stead. The renowned warrior-woman Scáthach was his teacher. His previous evolution's name should be spelled "Mór Cú Chulainn", meaning "Great Cu Chulainn". Wikipedia

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