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Dragon plant infest

This Urgent Dungeon was introduced so that players can easily harvest 152i Dragon Seed, 153i Dragon Plant, and 154i Dragon Flower outside of the Thursday Dungeon.

This dungeon opens at irregular times for an hour each time. There is no official announcement of the schedule. On the day of the event, the dungeon will be announced in the daily sign-in news. To find out your time, see Event Time Lookup.

Catch the Dragon Plants!

Stamina 15 Money 700-900 (53/Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 400-620 (34/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

152i Dragon Seed 50 2 215 3 152i Lv1
153i Dragon Plant 419 3 2020 4 153i Lv1
154i Dragon Flower 1508 4 5025 5 154i Lv1
5 Fixed Enemies: 153i×2  154i
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