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The boss, 443i Ancient Wood Dragon, Lagavulin, is the third in the Ancient Dragon series. The dungeon has "Adept", "Expert", "Master", and "Legend" difficulty levels, with all being Technical Dungeons. This is a Tricolor dungeon, with no Light or Dark orbs.


267i on 5F of Master difficulty is extremely dangerous. It can seal your team leaders, causing leader skills to lose effect. In comparison, Legend difficulty might actually be easier.

Skill Frequency
Always use as first move, lasting 999 rounds
Use frequently when HP below 50%

Monster Data

No. 443
Ancient Wood Dragon, Lagavulin
443i No Evolution Needed
L. Skill
A well-balanced dragon. With maxed skill, it deals 25000 damage to all enemies in only 4 turns. The leader skill (only 2x ATK with a trigger condition) is not very useful. Overall, very powerful as a sub.

碧の孤島 Legend

Stamina 50 Money 32192–34232 (664 / Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 18955–20060 (390 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
195i Taur Devil 3570 1 19350 1400 195i Lv10 (4641)
196i Taur Demon 5670 1 49650 2200 196i Lv10
266i Leaf Chimera 7200 2 31500 500 266i Lv10 (10080)
525i Green Moltdra 7440 2 90750 100 525i Lv10

(Fire change to Light)

5 475i Hellfire Pyro Demon 6792 1 563611 800 475i Lv5 (12228)
5 477i Hellwind Taur Demon 8120 1 685813 960 477i Lv5 (14599)
9 202i Enchantress of the Sea, Siren 10260 1 617700 900 090i Lv10

(1 time max)

10 443i Ancient Wood Dragon, Lagavulin 16260 2 3759900 6600 443i Lv10 (Status Effect null)

Template:火消しのツタ(Bind Fire types)

碧の孤島 Master

Stamina 40 Money 24676–27196 (648 / Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 15611–16712 (404 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
195i Taur Devil 3187 1 17272 1260 195i Lv9 (4143)
196i Taur Demon 5062 1 44317 1980 196i Lv9
266i Leaf Chimera 6428 2 28117 450 266i Lv9 (8997)
525i Green Moltdra 6642 2 81003 90 525i Lv9

(Fire change to Light)

5 267i Flower Chimera×2 9577 2 560590 267i Lv7 (13408)
9 203i Mystical Forest Pixie, Alraune 10710 1 632700 900 092i Lv10

(1 time max)

10 443i Ancient Wood Dragon, Lagavulin 11022 2 2548373 4620 443i Lv7 (Status Effect null)

Template:火消しのツタ(Bind Fire types)

碧の孤島 Expert

Stamina 25 Money 15552–17176 (655 / Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 8032–8691 (334 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
073i Earth Knight 3477 2 189 073i Lv7
195i Taur Devil 2420 1 980 195i Lv7 (3146)
196i Taur Demon 3843 1 1540 196i Lv7
525i Green Moltdra 5043 2 70 525i Lv7

(Fire change to Light)

5 012i Flowerdragon Brachys 8094 4 315 010i Lv7 Template:眠りの花粉(Bind 4)
9 092i Dryad×2 990 2 13200 092i Lv7
9 093i Mandrake 5490 2 159300 240 092i Lv10
10 443i Ancient Wood Dragon, Lagavulin 2288 2 529173 1320 443i Lv2 (Status Effect null)

Template:火消しのツタ(Bind Fire types)

碧の孤島 Adept

Stamina 15 Money 3240–3480 (224 / Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 1870–1966 (128 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
072i Earth Fighter 1320 3 100 072i Lv10
195i Taur Devil 1653 1 700 195i Lv5 (2149)
525i Green Moltdra 3444 2 50 525i Lv5

(Fire change to Light)

5 443i Ancient Wood Dragon, Lagavulin 542 2 125326 660 443i Lv1 (Status Effect null)

Template:火消しのツタ(Bind Fire Types)

Sample Team

4x HP Grind Team
Skill AbilityUp 2x HP and RCV for Wood type monsters.
Skill AbilityUp 2x HP and RCV for Wood type monsters.
Gem6 RCV
Gem1 ATK
Gem2 ATK
Gem3 ATK
Gem4 ATK
Gem5 ATK
Due to the dragon's high defense, a low combo won't do enough damage. Orb-changers are very important, and other team members should focus on high HP & ATK. If you use two 522i as leader it will take around 1-2 hours. If you or a friend have 241i to replace 522i as leader, it will go faster.

Using a dual-resist team for Legend difficulty is not recommended, because 475i on 5F and 202i on 9F will be very hard to beat. Master could be beaten with a dual-resist or 4x HP team, but because 267i on 5F will bind randomly, you may die to bad luck.

If your attack is high enough, you could try using a fire team for Master difficulty.



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