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Thatawesomecat Thatawesomecat 30 March 2020

Wiki Manager introduction

Hello Puzzles & Dragons Wiki, I'm Thatawesomecat, your Wiki Manager here! I'll be acting as a liaison between you and Fandom Staff. For any questions or issues related to editing here, please feel free to reach out to me!

You can read more about Fandom Wiki Managers here: https://community.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:MisterWoodhouse/Introducing_the_Fandom_Wiki_Managers_and_Content_Team

I will be around to check your Recent Changes occasionally, but if you need me, please feel free to send me a message on my talk page here. I look forward to working with you!

Thatawesomecat (talk) 23:01, March 30, 2020 (UTC)Thatawesomecat

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Bluefox87 Bluefox87 12 November 2015

Team cost help

Tgere are some omsters have say cost exceeded. what does that mean and how can i raise my team thing to where i can use it

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Ryulong Ryulong 24 May 2015

Puzzle & Dragons Z Monster List

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 25 April 2015

PADWiki news: We're moving!

Hello, PADWiki users. Today the Puzzle & Dragons Wiki admin team would like to announce that we are moving off of Wikia and onto our own server.

Our new address is easy: padwiki.net.

In order to keep bringing you up-to-date Puzzle & Dragons information, the admin team have decided to go independent from Wikia. You can read a more in-depth explanation on the new site.

The biggest difference you’ll notice will be fewer ads and a different layout, because we are using the “Vector” MediaWiki skin instead of Wikia’s custom skin. The comments and forums from Wikia will not be brought over, but there will be fresh replacements at the new location. All of the other content from the old wiki as of the fork date (April 20, 2015) have been transferred o…

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Myskaros Myskaros 19 March 2015

Volunteers needed! Daily and event schedules!

Hey folks. I have been the one maintaining the daily events and current events tables for a while now. Unfortunately, my current life situation doesn't really allow me to do this in a timely manner anymore, and all the other admins are lazy bums. So! If someone wants to take on the mantle of responsibility, please, we welcome it. Just click on the little pencil icon to the lower right of the table. There are lots of notes to make editing easier, or you can always leave a comment on this post!

To date, I have been stealing the daily event times from PDX (thanks guys! :D) and typing it in by hand, but I think one of the wiki admins has an Android script that gathers the times. You can always set your device clock manually and check one by one…

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Myskaros Myskaros 11 March 2015

NA Updates: Snow Globe XP, uvos, more!

With the recent in-game update, Snow Globe base feed XP at LV50 has been increased from 1 million to 2 million! This is a huge change and will greatly help you manage a large stable of monsters. In addition, and have gotten ultimate evolutions.

More changes, including skill effects, skill cooldowns, and awakenings, can be found on the official Facebook note.

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Myskaros Myskaros 10 March 2015

Been a while since we posted new art, but...

getting an upgrade.
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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 6 February 2015

Revised Team Composition page

Hi everyone. I felt that the Team Composition page was too cumbersome and difficult to use, so I went and revised it. Hopefully it will be more helpful to new (and old) players building their teams. I don't have time to fill out all the pages (and I'm not as knowledgable about some of these teams, anyway), so please contribute following the format on the existing pages. Thanks!

If you miss the info on the old Team Composition page, it's still viewable at Team Composition (old). I would like to delete it once the new page is filled in with enough info, so speak up if you feel differently.

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SeraphimLuci SeraphimLuci 22 January 2015

Increase in Present Eggs fodder exp

Hey guys!

I suggest for you guys to wait on feeding any Snow Globe Dragons to your monsters. Snow Globe fodder exp will become to 2 million base (off-color) after the next Japan maintenance, so it'll eventually be applied into the U.S. version.

As of right now they only give 1 million base exp so be patient and it'll be worth it!

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Epicdeawesome Epicdeawesome 7 January 2015

New Weapon Series (JP)

This was posted by Pad_sexy earlier today...

"Here's the artwork for upcoming character Masamune, part of a series of personified weapons! Rumor has it that Masamune possesses a special skill can be used to change his attribute... "

More details will be released later today. Epicdeawesome (talk) 20:31, January 7, 2015 (UTC)

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SeraphimLuci SeraphimLuci 30 December 2014

A Gift from the World Tree Issue

For those that tried to enter dungeon A Gift from the World Tree on December 29, 2014, Gungho NA has given an update on the issue and has announced that we shall be allowed access to it on Dec. 30, 2014 through Jan. 6, 2014.

Like me, if you were not able to see it you might of not been satisfied. But they fixed it so we get a chance to run it again! Note that we also need the required 30 stamina at least or else it won't show up on the menu.

Puzzles & Dragons (NA) Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PuzzleAndDragonsOfficial

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 2 December 2014

PAD Wiki: Recruiting for Admins

Hi PAD Wiki users. You may have noticed that wiki updates have been... sparse lately. Due to life circumstances, our current roster of admins don't have the time to keep up with maintenance as frequently as we used to. If you would like to help this wiki keep its quality info up to date, please consider applying as a new admin.

Admin requirements:

  • Must install LINE Messenger and join the PAD Wiki Admin chatroom.
  • Must dedicate time to update the wiki regularly.

Yes, that's all! Once you're in the chat, we'll teach you anything you need to know about the technical bits. PAD admins have a lot of powerful tools at their disposal!

Bonus qualifications:

  • Programming experience
  • Chinese, Japanese, or Korean knowledge

These are not required, they will …

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Myskaros Myskaros 1 November 2014

I'll just leave this here...

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Silverwilver Silverwilver 22 October 2014

Efficient use of Stamina

A very very very general guide about stamina usage.

Work in progress.

Do things that are fun for you or you'll start disliking the game from various frustrating mechanics. Balance out the fun stuff and boring stuff.

Focus on dungeons that are available for a limited amount of time that have monsters that you want/need.

Focus on ranking up through normal dungeons and using the monsters gained from there as exp fodder. Technicals have poor rank exp and less chance of +eggs.

Farm evolution materials from the normal dungeons for the better rank exp/stamina ratio. If you could use a variety of materials, and not just for one or two specific types, the special weekday dungeons are usable in that case. The first difficulties of these dungeons are usab…

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PennyAMNOS PennyAMNOS 10 October 2014

Rare Egg Machine Pull History.... (Sad)

From left to right, up to down, in chronological order

From June 2014

Early-July 2014 GodFes!

(Most memorable GodFes, first time buying stones. Terrible at beginning for the first 4 pulls, but then several hours later got my best two leaders, Sakuya & Red Sonia!

August 2014

September 2014 The Pink Dragon Egg Machine


Mid-Oct 2014 The best GodFes ever!

Early-Nov 2014 Angel&Chinese GodFes

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Silverwilver Silverwilver 10 October 2014

Friends List

The Friends List lists the friends which either of you have accepted the friend request from. Using a friend from this list in a dungeon earns both players 10 PAL points per day. After being used, the friend is removed from usable leaders until that player logs back in.

At Player Rank 120, a player has access to 2 leaders of a friend, the leader of the team they leave in the Team Window and the leader of their first team.

TheSocialBunny @P&D Gamefaqs - If you use the Friend or their time expires, the Friend will be unavailable to use until they log in again. If said Friend never logs in again... well, you'll never be able to use them again.

- Friends on your list who are equal or lower rank than you are available for the full 14 hours, this n…

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Silverwilver Silverwilver 28 September 2014

Low Cost & Low Rarity

  • 1 Low-Cost Teams
    • 1.1 Common Leaders
    • 1.2 Fire Subs
    • 1.3 Dark Subs
    • 1.4 Special Mention Subs
    • 1.5 Subs for S Rank

Work in progress.

Low cost/rarity teams are made to take on conditional dungeons such as RO ACE Collab, Draggie!, Tengu!!!, and Gaia Descended!. This page also lists low rarity subs that are useful for S ranking dungeons.

Applicable Monsters


Only to Attacker types

Only to Dark types

Only to Physical types

Only to their respective elements

Only to Dark types

Only to their respective elements

Reach 8 combos

Match 3 certain colors


Reach 5 combos

Only activates when an active is used


Delay fits in a large variety of teams, even more useful when skill is leveled

Physical, The go to monster for Fire …

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 25 September 2014

New monsters: Kali, Magician Series

First up, the new descended boss - Guan Yinping, daughter of Guan Yu:

Next, the extremely Challenge-Tier Godfest-exclusive Light & Dark Kalis:

God/Healer type
Active Skill: Change all Orbs to Fire, Water, Wood, Light, & Dark Orbs
Leader Skill: 5x ATK when matching & attacking with Fire, Water, Light, & Dark at once

God/Dragon type
Active Skill: Change all Orbs to Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark, & Heart Orbs
Leader Skill: 6x ATK when matching & attacking with Fire, Water, Wood, Dark, & Heart at once

The Magicians are a new REM series that looks tremendously useful. These three have amazing RCV for Attackers, and amazing ATK for Healers!

Magician of Flame, Lila
Attacker/Healer type
Active Skill: Change top horizontal row into Fire Orbs
Leader Skill: 3x ATK d…

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Silverwilver Silverwilver 21 September 2014

Efficient EXP feeding

This lists common monsters a player may acquire either through various dungeons or the PAL machine. Feeding a low level monster to a monster is not the most efficient use of exp and it may be worthwhile to feed fodder some lower ranking fodder.

Most skill up monsters that need to be evolved require 44,520 exp to reach level 25, others require 11,570 exp to reach level 15.

To save coins, one should try to skill up, awaken, and add +stats to a monster at a low level. As the cost to feed a monster is (monster level)*(100 coins), the highest cost to feed a monster one feed material is 9900 coins so anything that more than 9900 exp is considered not a waste of coins to feed except at max level which is for a number of monsters, 99.

  • 1 Efficient EXP
  • 2…

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 12 September 2014

Ver 7.2 update - Way too much news from JP

Using in-game Gold, you will be able to purchase the ability to enter certain dungeons for 1 hour! Only one purchased dungeon at a time.


True Castle of Satan in the Abyss
True Shrine of Green Water
True Shrine of Liquid Flame
True Shrine of Blazing Woods
True Temple of Trailokya
Legendary Dragon Rush!
Sky Dragon Rush!
Mechdragon Rush!
King Carnival
Evo Rush!
Rare Evo Rush!
Tamadra Village (99 Sta)

No info yet on what these "True" dungeons are. Of course, you will still have to spend Magic Stones to refill your stamina as needed.

Speaking of Stamina, the recharge rate is going to change to 5 minutes per St…

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 4 September 2014

JP News: Susano/Orochi alt evos, permanent Descended dungeons

There's been some news floating around that's been fully fleshed out today, coming to JP this evening!

Water/Fire, Dragon subtype; Leader Skill = 4x ATK to Dragon types when HP is less than 80%.
+740 HP, +240 ATK; added

Wood/Light, Attacker subtype; Leader Skill = 3x ATK and 1.35x RCV to Attacker types.
-970 HP, +650 ATK, +140 RCV (what); added

Aaand there's this guy you'll never care about in NA. BUT I HAVE HIM. ;_;

Leader Skill = 2x HP and ATK to Fire and Light types.
+100 ATK, +30 RCV

In order to make older content more accessible for newer players, a number of Descended and Legend-rank dungeons are going to be made permanently accessible. This means another batch of Magic Stones for both regular and Challenge Mode, too!

Normal Dungeons


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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 8 August 2014

New JP evos + controversial content

Time for a bunch of fanservice. A bunch of girls (and a guy) getting girlier!

Light/Wood, Attacker subtype; Leader Skill = 3x ATK and 1.35x HP to Attacker types.
+300 ATK

Fire/Fire, Attacker subtype; Leader Skill unchanged.
+350 ATK; added

Water/Water, Attacker subtype; Leader Skill unchanged.
+350 ATK; added

Wood/Wood, Attacker subtype; Leader Skill unchanged.
+350 ATK; added

Light/Light, Attacker subtype; Leader Skill unchanged.
+350 ATK; added

Dark/Dark, Attacker subtype; Leader Skill unchanged.
+350 ATK; added

There is also a new Water-type Metatron, who is exactly the same as Light Metatron but more skimpy suited for 's team.

In other news, there was an announcement about a new "Super Ultimate Evolution" type achieved by feeding duplicate REM g…

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Rainripple Rainripple 31 July 2014

Recommended monsters?

I looked up guides on two of my monsters(marine rider and angel) evolutions and I've found they are not as good as I thought they were which is also reflecting in the increasing number of game overs. Preferably I'd like to still have monsters with all the elements so i can utilise all my combos.

Does anyone know any notable strong recommendations for each element (single elements are ok but double elements are also great) so I can keep an eye out for them when I'm either playing or rolling an egg in the godfest? Substitutes for the recommendations are also welcome as I am only rank 20.

It would help if you name the first in the evolution line as I am more likely to see them first

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 28 July 2014

PAD Wiki feature: New Sample Team format

Thanks everyone for your feedback on the previous post! People have responded overwhelmingly that they prefer the "old" look of Sample Teams, so I've adapted the new, simpler Sample Teams code format to look like the old style. Best of both worlds!

Here is how to use the new code. When you click "Edit" on a Sample Team page, look for this line:

are both valid on this Wiki, but you can't use them on the same page. We will need to spend time manually converting Sample Team pages with the old format to the new format. Feel free to help out if you feel like it!

(For those curious, Sample Team code copied straight from the Chinese Wiki will work too. Our template will just ignore the extraneous info like Awakenings, +, etc.)

(Also, my next project …

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 25 July 2014

PAD Wiki survey: Which Sample Team format?

Hi PAD Wiki users. A new Sample Teams format has been a feature in the Chinese version of the wiki for a while now, but I didn't realize until today that it already works for us here too.

Example of the new version: Zeus Vulcan Descended!/Sample Teams‎‎
Example of the old version: Tengu!!!/Sample Teams‎‎

Please also take a look at the code involved, by clicking the "Edit" button. The new version is much easier for users to add to. However, it may or may not be easier to quickly browse info on the teams you want to reference, and I am not sure the additional visual clutter (Awoken Skills, etc.) is really that useful. Also, if we change to the new version, it will require a lot of manual labor to convert all the old Sample Team pages over.


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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 25 July 2014

Artwork of new mons: Sticker Girls, Zhang Fei, and... uhhhhhh...

A few new pictures from the PAD JP Twitter:

Sticker girls are getting Ultimate Evolutions! My prediction is that they'll still be pretty useless (though more pretty), so don't get your hopes up too high.

Zhang Fei, the third of the Three Kingdoms sworn brothers, is going to be the next Descended boss in JP.

Physical/Attacker type
Active Skill: Delay enemies for 2 rounds, and change Dark Orbs to Wood Orbs
Leader Skill:

And then there's... um...???

Okay, so this has an actual mythological basis: This one time in Valhalla, Loki dressed Thor up as Freyja to marry a giant in order to get back Mjollnir. Long story. Buuuuuuuuut, uh.

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 23 July 2014

Ult Evos: Astaroth, Freyja, Gabriel, Raphael

Hi, have some Ultimate Evolutions out of nowhere, going live in JP on Thursday.

Wood/Wood, Healer subtype; Leader Skill = 2x HP, 1.35x ATK, and 2x RCV for Devil types.
+100 HP, +90 ATK, +100 RCV

Wood/Dark, Attacker subtype; Leader Skill = 3x ATK and 1.5x RCV for Devil types when above 50% HP.
+500 ATK, -200 RCV

Wood/Light, Balanced subtype; Leader Skill = 3x ATK and 1.35x RCV to Balanced types.
+130 HP, +100 ATK, +50 RCV

Water/Water, Healer subtype; Leader Skill = 2x HP, 1.35x ATK, and 2x RCV to Water types.
+100 HP, +100 ATK, +120 RCV

Light/Fire, Healer subtype; Leader Skill = 2x HP, 1.35x ATK, and 2x RCV to Light types.
+100 ATK, +90 RCV

A tad underwhelming, but I guess they're all in line with the existing Ult Evos in their series...

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 15 July 2014

New Indian Gods, Ult Evos, lots more

The following news were announced for JP last night. As always, US players can look forward to these update previews in the future!

Fire type: Krishna

Active Skill: Increase rate of Fire Orbs dropping for 3 turns
Leader Skill: 3x ATK with 2 Fire Orb combos or 4.5x ATK with 3 Fire Orb combos

Water type: Saraswati

Active Skill: Increase rate of Water Orbs dropping for 3 turns
Leader Skill: 5x ATK with 3 Water Orb combos

Wood type: Vishnu

Active Skill: Increase rate of Wood Orbs dropping for 3 turns
Leader Skill: 3.5x ATK with 2 Wood Orb combos

Light type: Ganesha

Active Skill: Nullify damage for 1 turn
Leader Skill: 2x coins

Dark type: Durga

Active Skill: 1.5x ATK for God types; also deal 20x ATK damage to 1 enemy and reduce HP to 1
Leader Skill: 5x ATK …

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Hkfantasy Hkfantasy 3 July 2014

This site is dead?!

no more discussion here...

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Puzzles an Dragons coming to the Anime Expo!!!

This 4th of July weekend, Puzzles and Dragons will have its first offical North America apperance at the live event at the anime expo!

More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/PuzzleAndDragonsOfficial/photos/a.532262196802377.135063.484776928217571/865024703526123/?type=1&relevant_count=1

© Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA).  All rights reserved. Anime Expo® is a registered trademark of the SPJA. More event info can be found here: http://www.anime-expo.org/

Puzzles and Dragons Facebook page have updated about Anime Expo!

The Schedule and Rules:


Contest and event policies as well:


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Myskaros Myskaros 16 June 2014


In case you're wondering why we haven't had the urgent dungeon times listed, the admin who is in charge of that has been MIA recently for an unknown reason. As the rest of us admins are lazy bums and can't be bothered to do it, there you have it.

In the meantime, you can look on http://www.puzzledragonx.com for your dungeon times.

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Silverwilver Silverwilver 11 June 2014

Pages/Things I'll work on

Pengdra Cycle

- not player exp/stamina efficient, not good source of +eggs outside of x5 +eggs in techincal events, basically trades player rank exp for monster exp,  Super Metal/Jewel Dragons Descended is more monster exp/stamina efficient supposedly.

Feeding monsters

- Feed fodder by order of increasing exp given like ogres and goblins first, evoed pengdras and kings last. If you are feeding a monster more than 5 fodder monsters, the batches after the first one should be in fives. I use a spreadsheet to do this efficiently.

- Dark and Light exp is more difficult to obtain so don't feed feed material of this ATT to other ATT.


- feed five +1 monsters to one +1 monster until you have 6 of them, then five +6 monsters to a +6, etc, until desi…

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Dwarf74 Dwarf74 27 May 2014

Legendary Seaway is Open

The previously-JP-only dungeon, Legendary Seaway is now open in the US.

If you're looking for information about this new dungeon, check the link above. If you're not seeing it, it's probably because you haven't finished Starlight Sanctuary yet. It's found in your list of Normal dungeons, not on a Special page. As a normal dungeon, enemies hit hard but don't use any skills.

This dungeon drops one of two very powerful (but very difficult-to-use) Red or Blue dragons which enable interesting leader-swap strategies for those colors.

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 25 May 2014

JP News - Ver 6.5 Updates

On Tuesday, JP PAD will update to version 6.5 with the following changes!

Dark/Fire, Dragon subtype; Leader Skill = 3.5x ATK when three out of Fire/Water/Dark/Hearts are matched. +260 HP, +100 ATK

Dark/Dark, Devil subtype; Leader Skill unchanged. +100 HP, +350 ATK, -130 RCV; added

Water/Light, Healer subtype; Leader Skill = 1.3x HP and 3x ATK to Healer types. +190 HP, +90 RCV

Dark/Dark; Leader Skill = 2x HP and 2.5x ATK to Devil types. +100 ATK, +250 RCV; added

Light/Light, Dragon/Physical type; Leader Skill = 4x ATK to Dragon and Physical types when HP is full. +300 HP; added

Dark/Light, God/Dragon type; Leader Skill = 4x ATK to Dragon types when HP is above 80%. +50 HP, +40 ATK, +50 RCV; added

These monsters are having their stats adjusted: …

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 15 May 2014

"Spirit Orbs" Invading Descend Dungeons

For the duration of 5/16-5/30 on the JP server, the Chinese Celestial Gods will be invading Mythical-rank Descended Dungeons! They will drop these new "Spirit Orb" materials that skill-up the Chinese girls, as well as giving Fagan his Ultimate Evolutions. US players who want a challenge can look forward to these in the future.

Monsters with same skill

Light/Light, Dragon/Physical type; Leader Skill = 4x ATK to Dragon and Physical types when HP is full. +300 HP; added

Dark/Light, God/Dragon type; Leader Skill = 4x ATK to Dragon types when HP is above 80%. +50 HP, +40 ATK, +50 RCV; added

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Czesio10 Czesio10 9 May 2014

Zaerog's Domain Descended!


|name=Mighty Dragon Descended!













  • 1090\turn::2\dmg::12000\hp::120000\def::500\loot::021 lv 10, rate 10%\note:: Every one of those is 3 per floor, possible duplicates.
  • 1094\turn::4\dmg::15000\hp::230000\def::200\loot::033 lv 10, rate 10% \note::
  • 1093\turn::1\dmg::7500\hp::75000\def::250\loot::030 lv 10, rate 10% \note::
  • 1092\turn::5\dmg::36500\hp::30\def::100000\loot::027 lv 10, rate 10% \note::
  • 1091\turn::8\dmg::77777\hp::100000\def::0\loot::024 lv 10, rate 10%\note::
  • 481\turn::6\dmg::88888\hp::40\def::100000\loot::005 lv 10, rate 10%\note::
  • 480\turn::1\dmg::100000\hp::12\def::100000\loot::001 lv 10, rate 10%\note::
  • 482\turn::3\…
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Qq1835831108 Qq1835831108 7 May 2014

Astrological Signs Series

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Qq1835831108 Qq1835831108 4 May 2014

Godfest Descended!

}|name=Godfest Descended!|type=normal|sta=99|staBonus=1|battle=20|gold=245000|goldBonus=1|exp=49000|expBonus=1|drops=000,000,000|monsters=~~1*001\turn::1\dmg::10\hp::2\def::10\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\note::*005\turn::1\dmg::10\hp::2\def::10\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\note::*009\turn::1\dmg::10\hp::2\def::10\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\note::*013\turn::1\dmg::10\hp::2\def::10\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\note::*017\turn::1\dmg::10\hp::2\def::10\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\note::~~2*098\turn::1\dmg::30\hp::4\def::40\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\note::*100\turn::1\dmg::30\hp::4\def::40\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\note::*102\turn::1\dmg::30\hp::4\def::40\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\note::*104\turn::1\dmg::30\hp::4\def::40\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\note::*108\turn::1\dmg::30\hp::4\def::40\loot::lv 1, rate 1%\n…

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 27 April 2014

New batch of monster announcements

New series - Queens? Apparently they might be Dragon type? Perhaps they are the new Biweekly Dragon series.

Himiko, Cleopatra, Ishtar

A Fire-type Zeus will be the next Descended...

These guys are new evolution masks that will be added to Wednesday Dungeon, much like the Twinlits and Dragon Fruits. Very cool art :)

Active Skill:(Same as Orochi)

Ultimate Seiryuu

Water/Wood, Dragon subtype; Leader Skill = 3.5x ATK when 3 out of Water/Wood/Dark/Heart Orbs attack at once. +100 HP, +180 ATK

Water/Dark, Physical subtype; Leader Skill unchanged. +760 HP, -90 RCV; added

Ultimate Belial, Amon, Uriel, Michael

Fire/Fire, Physical subtype; Leader Skill = 2.5x ATK and 1.5x RCV to Physical and Devil types. +500 HP, +100 ATK

Water/Light, Physical subtype; Leader S…

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 27 March 2014

New JP Gods - Three Kingdoms

The following gods are being added to the JP REM, with 3x bonus during the next Godfest!

Cao Cao

God/Attacker type
Active Skill: Delay enemies by 1 turn, and change Water Orbs to Fire
Leader Skill: Slight increase to HP and 3x ATK for Attacker types

Sun Quan

God/Healer type
Active Skill: Delay enemies by 2 turns, and 2x attack for Healer types for 2 turns
Leader Skill: 3x ATK and 1.5x RCV to Healer types when HP is above 50%

Liu Bei

God/Attacker type
Active Skill: Change Dark Orbs to Heart & Wood Orbs, and heal 3000 HP
Leader Skill: 3x ATK and 1.5x RCV to Attacker types when HP is above 50%

Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao

God/Healer type
Active Skill: Change Dark Orbs to Light, and Fire Orbs to Heart
Leader Skill: 4x ATK when attacking with 4 colors OR 3 colors + He…

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Chartheblade Chartheblade 20 March 2014

More JP news

Here are some monsters revealed in the JP version earlier this week:

These are the new twin Dragons, who show up in a Normal Dungeon after Starlight Sanctuary. Their evos:

Their Leader Skills are 4x ATK to Fire and Water monsters, respectively, when player HP is full. Their active skills are leader swaps like the Mythic Stone Dragons and Great Tengu.

Ultimate Amon!

Three of the members of the Three Kingdoms series have been revealed:

Cao Cao!

Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao!

And finally, Lu Bu!

A new Descend, Sandalphon!

Another new monster is TAMADRA Red Odin!

I think TAMADRA was taking 'RPG' a little too seriously... But his skill is the same as Red Odin's, he's God type, and he has 12 cost. He seems like a good low cost sub, but we'll just wait and see. ED…

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Myskaros Myskaros 10 March 2014

New rare evo mat urgent dungeon coming to JP ***UPDATED*** New monster pictures!

GungHo announcement: http://mobile.gungho.jp/news/pad/140310_rush.html

So JP is getting a new urgent dungeon that appears to feature only rare evolution materials that are typically obtained through daily dungeons. From the screenshots and banner, it would appear to contain Dragon Fruit, Dub-Mythlits, Dub-Topalits, Dub-Amelits, Keepers of Light, Dark, and Rainbow, Mystic Masks, and Divine Gold and Onyx Masks. Keeper of Rainbow is probably the dungeon boss (thanks for noticing, Gborr!).

In addition, here are some new images!

First off, Ultimate Hatsume! Regrettably, she looks merely posed differently from her final evo form; only the frog got upgraded ;x

Next, Ultimate Kraken!

Ultimate Griffin, who rounds out the Mythical Beast Ultimate Evos!


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Myskaros Myskaros 8 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day event announced!

So soon after the end of the Mardi Gras event, we've got another one coming and it's a whopping 2 weeks long!

There is a surprise teased at the end; my best guess is Eva Collab since it was already announced to be taking place in March. However, there is also one day in the schedule unoccupied by any descends (3/16). It's possible we'll get a new descend there. We'll see once new assets are loaded for the impending patch, which is taking place on Thursday the 13th!

Since there are two weekends enclosed in this event, we won't quite know when the Godfest is until it's announced. However, be prepared for it to be on the first weekend, and double-prepared for the shocking announcement that it's actually on the second weekend ;)

*St. Patrick's D…

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Flyingstraightup Flyingstraightup 5 March 2014

Tons of ult evos are coming! (for JP)

A heapload of previously-announced Ultimate Evolutions are arriving in JP tomorrow! Now you can finally get a good look at their exact stats.

Light/Light, Physical subtype; Leader Skill unchanged. +350 HP;

Light/Water; Leader Skill = 3.5x ATK for Healer types when HP is above 50%. +100 HP, +50 ATK;

Dark/Water; Leader Skill = Slight increase to ATK (1.35x) in addition to 2x HP/RCV for Dark Types. +100 ATK

Water/Water; Leader Skill = Super healing when matching orbs. +700 HP, +400 ATK

Dark/Light, Attacker/Devil type; Leader Skill = 3x ATK for Attacker types. +150 HP, +370 ATK, -30 RCV;

Dark/Dark; Leader Skill = Extended orb move length. +800 HP, +100 ATK, +50 RCV

Wood/Wood; Leader Skill = 2x ATK for Dragon types. +950 HP, +300 ATK;

Wood/Wood; Leader…

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Chartheblade Chartheblade 4 March 2014

Ultimate Unicorn, Canopus, LMeta, Luci! ***UPDATED AGAIN***

These images were revealed earlier today:

They're Ultimate Evolutions for Canopus and Unicorn.  An interesting thing to note is that it looks like Canopus has the heads of the other four Mechdragons... Does this mean Canopus will require the other four Mechdragons as part of his Evo Mats? Only time wil tell...

Ultimate Light Meta!

The blue on the artwork suggests that she may be getting a Water sub-attribute when she Ultimate Evolves, as opposed to the Light sub-attribute that she currently has before Ultimate Evolving in the JP version.


Ultimate Lucifer!!!

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Myskaros Myskaros 22 February 2014

Mardi Gras event details revealed!

On Facebook, we have information for the next event, celebrating Mardi Gras with the first appearance of the Samba Ruby Dragon dungeon! We're also getting the Sticker Girl egg machine again! However, depending on your priorities, you may want to save your stones for the upcoming Evangelion collaboration later in March.

*Mardi Gras*
[Duration]: 2/24 (Mon), midnight - 3/4 (Tues), 11:59 PM (PST)

The Spirit of Festivity is alive within the world of Puzzle & Dragons! In the days leading up to Mardi Gras, we're dancing the nights away! With impressive bonuses, new dungeons, and a very special Egg Machine, this event has it all! We hope you have a great Mardi Gras!

■① Daily Log-in Bonuses
2/24 - 3/4 - 1 Magic Stone
※Bonuses will be distributed as late …

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Myskaros Myskaros 20 February 2014

PAD 2nd Anniversary!

With the 2-year anniversary for Puzzle & Dragons in Japan coming up, a slew of reveals and updates were streamed yesterday!

First, a new game mode was announced - Puzzle & Dragons W, which seems to be more like Bejeweled. You hatch an egg by matching orbs. The sequence is timed, and you can extend your given time by matching Heart orbs. Get dress-up accessories for your Tamadra by beating stages! This mode is accessible through the same P&D app - "one app, two games".


Now, enough of that boring stuff and on to the NEW ULTIMATES YEEEAAAHHH!!!

Ultimate Cu Chulainn


Leader Skill: 3.5x ATK for Balanced types when HP 80%+

Evo Materials: , , , ,

Ultimate Siegfried


Leader Skill: 3.5x ATK for Physical types when HP 80%+

Evo Materials: , , , ,

Ultimate Sasu…

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Myskaros Myskaros 20 February 2014

Evangelion Collab coming early March!

According to a news post on Crunchyroll, we're slated to get the Eva Collab in early March! GungHo must have performed some crazy licensing magic. This is coming with updates to the collab, including new awakenings and ultimate evolutions!

  • Images shamelessly "borrowed" from CR >.>
  • Full press release here.

Busty artwork from PAD stream

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Myskaros Myskaros 19 February 2014

Wood Hera!

Artwork for a new wood Hera has been revealed!

ヘラ ベオーク (speculated "Hera-Beorc"?)

Active Skill:
Passive Skill: Severely reduce damage from Light-type enemies (70%, it seems?!?)


A couple other random pieces of news, JP got a new urgent dungeon, 25 stamina, 5 floors containing only metal and gold dragons. Kings and are rare spawns, and the last floor consists of , , and .

Last, ECO Collab monsters are getting awakenings:

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Chartheblade Chartheblade 17 February 2014

JP Ult Evo News: Ultimate Hanzo, Chiyome, Fuma, CAD, and some skill buffs

, , , and have received Ultimate Evolutions in the Japanese version.

Ultimate Chiyome:

Materials: , x2, ,

Ultimate Fuma Kotaro:

Materials: , x2, ,

Ultimate Hanzo:

Materials: , x2, ,

Ultimate CAD:

Materials: , , , , and

Chiyome gains a Fire Sub-Attribute and +100 HP, +50 ATK, and +30 RCV at max level. (seems like they're really trying to drive home her Balanced type with these stat gains.) LS: 2x HP and 2.5x ATK to Balanced type monsters.

Fuma Kotaro gains a Light Sub-Attribute and +500 HP at max level. LS: 2x ATK/1.5x HP and RCV to Physical type monsters.

Hanzo gains a Dark Sub-Attribute and +150 ATK at max level. LS: 2x ATK/1.5x HP and RCV to Attacker type monsters.

CAD gains a Fire Sub-Attribute, Physical Sub-Type, and +800 HP at max level. LS: Dec…

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