Starting with Ver 7.2, players could use Money to enter certain dungeons for one hour, but Coin Dungeons were removed in the 16.0.0 update, along with Challenge Mode.

Where to BuyEdit

On the "Shop" tab in the menu, you would be able to. find the option "Purchase Dungeon with Coins". Clicking it will bring you to a list of dungeons available for purchase.

The available selection of Coin Dungeons rotated periodically (currently every two weeks).

"Alt" DungeonsEdit

The list of Coin Dungeons includes "Alt" versions of Normal or Technical Dungeons. They are significantly more difficult (around the level of Starlight Sanctuary or higher), but are very valuable for their high values of player rank exp, feeder exp, and coins. They are also one of the only places to farm the "100% Skill Up Material" 1547i1548i1549i1550i1551i!


Could I buy multiple dungeons at once?
No, you could only do one at a time. As soon as you bought. a new dungeon, the previously purchased dungeon would disappear.
Would I get Stones and Tamadras for beating these dungeons?
Yes - the coin-purchased dungeons counted as different dungeons than the original versions, so you would get an additional Magic Stone for beating Red Pirate Dragon even if you've previously beaten the original, for instance.
As for S-rank Tamadras, they were available for the Biweekly Dragon Dungeons, but not for the Survey Dungeons, even if the original version had them. If you don't see a high score counter in the list of a dungeon's levels, you will not be able to earn a Tamadra.
Those prices were so high! How could I earn that much gold?
The simplest method was to run Weekend Dungeon.
A 1337i Scholarly God, Ganesha leader will increase your earnings tremendously! Of course, it's also more difficult to beat the dungeon that way. Dual 1337i leaders are not recommended unless you prepare your team carefully. Other coin multiplier leaders include 1323i927i926i879i878i460i459i.
Also, see +1 Monsters and Feeding Monsters for tips to help you save coins.
Coin-Purchased Dungeons

Updated March 16, 2015

Biweekly Dragons

1166i 1167i 1168i 1169i 1170i
1591i 1592i 1593i 1594i 1595i
Money 500000

Survey Dungeons

099i 300i
Money 250000

Extreme Challenges

015i 1207i
Money 2000000

Rush Series

918i 985i 1371i 1215i
Money 5000000

Alt Dungeons

Alt. Hypno Forest
Alt. Creek of Neleus
Alt. Hemera Volcanic Belt
Alt. Aither Desert
Alt. Talos's Abyss
Money 1000000

Materials Dungeons
153i Alert! Dragon Plant Infestation!
Money 500000
601i Pengdra Village
Money 1000000
99999i King Carnival
321i Together at Last! Evo Rush!!
Money 3000000
1176i Together at Last! Rare Evo Rush!
Money 5000000
1228i TAMADRA Village
Money 10000000
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