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The sixth dungeon designed based on Twitter player surveys. You can pick up the very popular 300i Pierdra.

Dungeon History

November 25-December 7, 2013A Spectacular Thanksgiving Event
December 28-30, 2013Merry Christmastide!

Monster Data

No. 761
Jester Dragon, Drawn Joker
L. Skill
Once skilled up, becomes a vital part of Dark and Devil teams due to its orb changing ability. Also occasionally useful for Dark/Water 50% resist Leader Skill.

Monster Skill Table

Some monsters in this dungeon can be used to level up the skills of other monsters. See Monster Skills for info.

Monster Skill Monsters with same skill
300i Skill Transform Guard Stance - Dark 301i302i603i676i761i
796i Skill Transform Double Attack Stance-Dk 261i575i576i893i1046i

Jester Dragon-Expert

Stamina 15 Money 3864-5340 (307/Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 1982-2500 (149/Sta)
RankS 230,000
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

199i Blood Devil 1708 1 9167 700 199i Lv5
200i Blood Demon 2583 2 24375 1100 200i Lv5
795i Wicked Lady 1355 2 7742 48 795i Lv3
Rare 300i Pierdra 1429 1 74742 168 300i Lv3
5 302i Drawn Joker 4243 1 242689 420 300i Lv3

Jester Dragon-Int

Stamina 15 Money 2416-3472 (196/Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 1125-1529 (88/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

199i Blood Devil 916 1 4913 420 199i Lv3
200i Blood Demon 1385 2 13065 660 200i Lv3
795i Wicked Lady 1355 2 7742 48 795i Lv2
Rare 300i Pierdra 811 1 42391 112 300i Lv2
5 301i Pierdrawn×2 1735 2 79462 196 300i Lv2

Jester Dragon-Novice

Stamina 15 Money 852-1112 (65/Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 434-510 (31/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

199i Blood Devil 123 1 660 140 199i Lv1
200i Blood Demon 186 2 1755 220 200i Lv1
795i Wicked Lady 182 2 1040 16 795i Lv1
Rare 300i Pierdra 192 1 10040 56 300i Lv1
5 301i Pierdrawn 1735 2 79462 196 300i Lv2
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208i Tower of Jewels
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