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This dungeon opens at irregular times for an hour each time. There is no official announcement of the schedule. On the day of the event, the dungeon will be announced in the daily sign-in news. To find out your time, see Event Time Lookup.

This dungeon contains only three monsters from the Ruby Dragon family. They are fire-type counterparts of the dark-type Metal Dragons, with a slightly higher EXP value than the equivalent Metal Dragon. 252i Ruby Dragon gives 2000EXP, 253i High Ruby Dragon gives 15000EXP, and 254i King Ruby Dragon gives 55000EXP, plus a 1.5x bonus for all if the base monster is Fire type. Moreover, while the common 252i Ruby Dragon only gives 2000EXP, it can be used to evolve 303i Fire Pengdra into 304i Ruby Pengdra, which will give 30000EXP (45000EXP for Fire type). See Pengdra Village.

The amount of money dropped is the same as Metal Dragons. However, Ruby Dragons sell for more. Small Ruby Dragons sell for 1500 coins, Highs for 15000, and Kings for 150000.

Hunt Ruby Dragons!

Stamina 20 Money 12-165 (4/Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 900-1350 (56/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

252i Ruby Dragon 81 1 5 4000 252i Lv1
253i High Ruby Dragon 233 1 15 15000 253i Lv1
Rare 254i King Ruby Dragon 384 1 25 60000 254i Lv1
797i TAMADRA 9 1 10 600000 797i Lv1
5 Fixed Enemies: 252i×2  253i
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