Dungeon Data Sample Teams

Below are sample teams that have successfully conquered this dungeon. You are welcome to share your own teams and tips here. (Please reference Sample Team Guidelines for suggestions on contributing.)

Heaven Sent
5.1.3 576i190i190i190i202i629i 30000+ 3 Heras because I'm lazy and solve problems with just actives. Start charging skills at 1F, and just KO 3/6/10F bosses with Hera and Lucifer. Same deal with invades. Siren is max skilled so I don't get starved on heal orbs. 0-stone easy clear~
5.4.2 635i516i190i597i688i629i 46908 Just grind through 3/6/9F, use Baddie and Vampire as needed. On 10F use double gravities and Lucifer, then use Baddie and Vampire to finish the boss off. The other floors need no explanation. Easy 0-stone clear
5.1.3 520i512i480i201i652i520i 45000+ Non-IAP grind team with Noel Rouge, avg. level ~60, Gigas and Echidna max skilled. Such a pain to grind with mono-fire because 6F is too easy with hitting for only 1 HP. Use skills when ready, otherwise heal =.= Take your time at boss, just note that once she starts to multi-hit, heal every turn while keeping 2~3 heal orbs on the board (4~5 combo recommended), (Gigas is useless here now, just stat stick) fight on and you'll win out. It took me six hours, completely exhausted after I came out. P.S.: Can switch out 512i for 316i, 652i swap for anything with similar stats, 480i swap for 290i or 343i, friend 520i swap for 621i for more efficiency and safety!
5.1.3 521i596i202i391i317i623i 40000+ HP team, faceroll clear
5.1.3 484i190i109i111i321i629i 19000+ Non-IAP team, average lvl 30 not counting 321i, charge skills and you'll clear it.
5.1.3 656i576i190i190i201i629i 22529 Average level 60, safe as heaven, just match as much as you can, you won't die even if heal orbs get stuck for one turn. On hindsight you can use Echidna on 9F to prevent healing, making it quicker. Two 190i gravities, 629i nuke, and two dark orb matches finish off boss easily. Gotta vent though: some facebook fan page said it can drop evolved form... 'twas a lie
5.1.3 576i321i321i321i205i629i 44478 唔計虹番平均64lv去到第10回開虹番321i技防止封頭尾冇血之後打到一半多少少就開暗天629i技秒入場前14916血3倍血3倍回復很難死的,毒奶205i是來彌補虹番的少回復力
5.1.3 656i516i233i141i190i656i 16000+ 全隊滿級,第3關都唔係問題,第6關前最好存到洛基+月讀技(其實只係洛基都夠秒),第9關秒唔秒都無所謂因為雙洛基3粒心珠就回1萬了抵消了他的傷害,第10關對自己有信心可以直接全部招放下去直接秒,沒相心就先打到他70%左右再殺
5.1.3 576i190i233i201i397i576i 28000+ 平均50lv!基本上頭9層都5洗點開技,有危險先放火奶技,之後慢慢轉珠,轉到覺得有足夠暗珠先過下一層都OK!要儲技既就搵1層留隻346i,咁樣畀佢打1下3個心就回滿,間中又畀佢封下寵,好快就儲好技!去到BOSS就再放火奶,之後雙重力,之後放暗劍,冥后技啦!為求3個回合KO BOSS,唔係畀佢回復左就要慢慢磨!=="
5.1.3 654i285i560i231i201i572i 23000++ 组员要60级左右,草队对于第3,6,9层不会被威胁应为可以秒掉第6层,第3层攻击不高,第10层有两种打法,但是总要靠运气,1.开201i654i572i560i火力全开,然后就要看接下来的珠掉下来美不美了,2.什么技能都不开等它封,只要201i654i572i其中一只没被封就没事(被封就要看你的指上功夫了),把它血打剩下40%开201i然后}火力全开稳秒。


5.1.3 656i189i201i233i516i597i 11062 儲好597i189i/190i技,進boss201i,雙炸,656i 扭個全體攻即可,另前面關卡注意殺怪順序,第三關需靠一點運過,第6關火奶再秒殺,boss雙炸火奶沒難度,假如早前用掉火奶技,到boss 要嘛等火奶,要嘛雙炸等他回血再靠技術打過
5.4.2 752i201i317i629i393i491i 13606 Team RCV=2415. Average level=61. No skill up. It took about 20 minutes for this team to finish this dungeon. Until I arrived at the 10th floor, I had charged all the skills but Lucifer's morning star. I was going to use Lucifer's morning star when the boss's HP went below 50%, but I finished the boss before morning star became ready.
5.1.3 484i302i321i109i190i629i 19456 超級平民隊全部1LV技,沒什麼特別要注意的地方,適當地回血,穩過, 302i係防斷心而已, 最終BOSS 無視就好了629i有技一進場就可秒掉等收蛋
5.1.3 296i397i139i513i202i394i 11000+ 1萬3-1萬5血 可安全通過 沒心珠可先用202i轉心 還是不掉可以再用296i轉心 397i可換做190i 139i最好換201i 513i最好換做321i 如果怕不夠安全隊長可以換293i299i
5.1.3 203i089i235i321i321i363i 11117 終極平民團203i可換成139i202i204i,235i可換成其他攻擊寵...因為本人cost不夠才用這隻,過關完全沒難度,仙人掌先殺,如果沒殺到仙人掌綠奧被封而且還有仙人掌以外的怪開321i緊急時可開089i(本人沒用到就是了...),打王完全冇壓力
5.4.2 1006i321i214i251i251i1006i 30000+ Snow Globe Dragons are maxed, LHD lv.65. Actually, any AOE can be placed instead of LHD, but that's what I personally have and use. Combo of two three-sized hearts heals a lot - enough to not be afraid of anything but the boss with her binds and multi-shot. Both Snow Globes deal nearly 50k to the boss - 100k every 13 turns, with LHD's active is enough to skip all the multishot phase if lucky. If not - Keeper of the Rainbow can save you once. Long but safe run overall.
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