Friend GiftEdit

When a player reaches Rank 20, there is an opportunity to send a present to a friend. After sending the present, both players can take a roll on the egg machine. This special egg machine contains the Starter Dragon series and Snow Globe Dragon series. The present monster is guaranteed to have a +3 to a single stat.

Previously, an account was only able to send a present once. However, for various reasons at various times, GungHo has reset presents, allowing all accounts Rank 20 or higher to send a present again.

Series Evo Form Monster
Starter Dragon1st001i005i009i013i017i
Snow Globe Dragon1st517i518i519i1003i1004i

Pal MachineEdit

  • Every 500 Pal Points will give you a roll on the Pal Machine. You can save a maximum of 10,000 Pal Points (maximum 50 plays). The number next to the Pal Egg Machine button shows how many times you can play the egg machine.
  • Pal points can only be used on the Pal Machine and special event machines. The Evo Materials machine might come around regularly [how often?].
  • Most Pal Machine rolls are useless vendor trash (too low-level to be worth feeding). However, it's still one of the best ways for free players to get a number of useful monsters.
  • The Pal Machine can occasionally spit out +1 Monsters.
  • During events, the Pal Machine may produce evolution materials or jewel/metal dragons. Since these events come around about every other week, you should not roll outside of PAL machine events. Saving up your PAL points will allow you to roll Twinlits, Trifruits, and Keeper of Gold, all of which can only be attained as a drop in extremely difficult dungeons otherwise. Likewise, the PAL machine can gift you rare king and super king jewel/metal dragons without spending 20 or 50 sta on their dungeons.
  • Choosing a friend's leader as a Helper will give award 10 Pal Points (once per day per friend).
  • Choosing an explorer's leader as a Helper will award you 5 Pal Points.
  • A friend choosing your team leader as a Helper will award you 10 Pal Points (once per day per friend).
  • An explorer choosing your team leader as a Helper will award you 5 Pal Points.
  • Naturally, it is advantageous for you to set a popular monster as leader as often as possible so that other people will choose you.

Available MonstersEdit

These tables only list confirmed monsters, not including special events. The frequencies are based on observed data and not official numbers.

Very CommonEdit

Series Evo Stage Monster


Series Evo Stage Monster
Resist Dragon1st021i024i027i030i033i
Penguin Dragon1st303i305i307i600i602i
Jewel & Metal Dragon -252i255i258i179i176i
Sprite -155i156i157i158i159i
Demon Mask 166i167i168i169i170i


Series Evo Stage Monsters
Healer Girl1st088i090i092i094i096i
Heart Breaker1st106i110i
Resist Dragon2nd022i025i028i031i034i
Fey Creatures1st579i581i583i585i587i
Mythical Beast1st398i400i402i404i406i
Japanese Myth -717i718i779i827i829i
Jewel & Metal Dragon -177i253i256i259i180i
Penguin Dragon2nd304i306i308i601i603i
Malt Dragon -523i524i525i577i578i
Special -681i797i1002i

Rare Egg MachineEdit


  • One roll on the Rare Egg Machine takes 5 Magic Stones.
  • The Rare Egg Machine will always produce rare monsters, but not all rare monsters are useful.
  • For how to get Magic Stones, please see Magic Stones.

Available MonstersEdit

This table only lists confirmed monsters, not including special event contents. The frequencies are based on trial data and not official numbers. (Post will updated soon for newer monsters)


Series Evo Stage Monsters
Elemental 1st 352i354i356i358i360i
Late Bloomer Dragon 1st 112i114i116i118i120i
Fruit Dragon 1st 1075i1077i1079i1081i1083i
Puzzle and Dragons Z 1st 1124i1126i1128i1351i1353i
Fairy Tale 1st 1412i1414i1416i1418i1420i
Dragon Swordsman 1st 1502i1504i1506i1896i1898i

Very RareEdit

Series Evo Stage Monsters
Elemental 2nd 353i355i357i359i361i
Late Bloomer Dragon 2nd 113i115i117i119i121i
Rider 1st 378i380i382i384i386i
Fruit Dragon 2nd 1076i1078i1080i1082i1084i
Puzzle and Dragons Z 1st 1130i1355i1357i1359i
2nd 1125i1127i1129i1352i1354i
Fairy Tale 2nd 1413i1415i1417i1419i1421i
Dragon Swordsman 2nd 1503i1505i1507i1897i1897i
Magician 1st 1614i1616i1618i1620i1622i
Armored Knight 1st 1649i1651i1653i1655i1657i
Legendary Weapon 1st 1881i1882i1883i1884i1885i
Three Kingdoms 1st 1241i1372i

Extremely RareEdit

Series Evo Stage Monsters
Heart Breaker 1st (Alt. Valkyries) 972i982i972i982i
Rider 2nd 379i381i383i385i387i
Sengoku 2nd 556i558i560i562i564i
Three Kingdoms 1st 1243i1374i

Pantheon GodsEdit

Series Evo Stage Monsters
Roman God 1st 122i124i126i128i130i
Japanese God 1st 132i134i136i138i140i
Indian God 1st 236i238i240i242i244i
Norse God 1st 368i370i372i374i376i
Egyptian God 1st 490i492i494i496i498i
Greek God 1st 567i569i571i573i575i
Chinese Celestial 1st 745i747i749i751i753i
Japanese God (2.0) 1st 799i801i803i805i807i
Legendary Hero 1st 1065i1067i1069i1071i1073i
Archangel 1st 620i622i624i626i628i
Archdemon 1st 630i632i634i636i638i
Three Kingdoms 1st 1231i1233i1235i1237i1239i
Indian God (2.0) 1st 1330i1332i1334i1336i1338i
Unclassified (2.0) 1st 1659i1661i1663i1665i1667i


These monsters can only be pulled during special events. To date, they have been available during every Godfest except Player's Choice Godfest, where only ones voted in were available.

Series Evo Stage Monsters
Norse God 1st 362i364i1107i
Archangel 1st 640i642i
Unclassified 1st 911i913i1088i
Indian God 1st 1585i1587i
Fate Norns 1st 1669i1671i1673i
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