Urgent Dungeons refer to Metal and Jewel Dragon time-limited dungeons, including Alert! Metal Dragons!, Dungeon of Gold Dragons, Dungeon of Ruby Dragons, Dungeon of Sapphire Dragons, Dungeon of Emerald Dragons, Super Metal Dragons Descended, and Super Gold Dragons Descended.

These dungeons are open for 1 hour at a time. There will be no announcement of the schedule. On the day of the event, the featured dungeon(s) are announced in the log-in News notice. This article explains how to find out the schedule for the Urgent Dungeon(s) of the day.

Player GroupsEdit

To alleviate demand on the game server, Urgent Dungeons begin at different times based on player account ID groups.

How to find your group:
Go to Friend->ID Search to see your own ID. The third digit of your ID determines which group you're in:

Group3rd digit

For instance, if your ID is 123,456,789, the third digit of your ID is 3, which is Group D.

All players in the same group will have access to Urgent Dungeons at the same time.

Daily Events
Date Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E

234i Wednesday Dungeon

Time PDT (UTC-7).
Help update the schedule! Pencil

Starter GroupsEdit

Starting on December 7, 2013, a new group style was implemented, using a player's Starter Dragon to determine when an Urgent Dungeon may be accessed. This new grouping has thus far featured Super Metal Dragons Descended and only allows a single starter group access to the dungeon each day.

How to find your starter group:
In most in-game screens, wherever your nickname is displayed, a colored orb precedes your name, which signifies which color of starter dragon you chose.

Finding Out Event TimesEdit

After the date rolls over (4:00AM PST), the game will download the current day's dungeon data from the server. Players can change the time on their devices 1 hour at a time to check for the Urgent Dungeons and determine their group's times for the day. NOTE: Dungeons that show up from time-traveling cannot be entered because the game performs a check with the server when attempting to enter.

Because all players in a group begin at the same time, one player can share the dungeon info with other players in their group.

Quite often, "time traveling" like this can mess with your stamina display. If this happens, force-stop the game (in Android, this is done from Apps Settings, in Cached Processes) and restart it once you put your phone or tablet's time back to normal. That will fix it right up.

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