I just started; what do I do??
The New Players' Guide will give you some guidelines for your first few weeks. Don't worry about rushing anything; this game should be viewed as a long-term marathon rather than a sprint - most players don't reach their high-level potential for at least 100 days.
I just read the New Players' Guide but I'm already Rank 50, is it too late to reroll?
Don't fret those early levels - with a decent strong starter monster, you can catch up to that progress in a flash. However, if you're really attached to your collection, there is always a chance you will pull a game-changing monster from the REM in the future, if you are sufficiently patient and lucky...
Why can't I add my powerful monster to my team?
You don't have enough Team Cost because your Player Rank is not high enough yet.
Why can't I sell/fuse this monster even though it's not on my team or marked as "Favorite"?
It's probably on one of your other teams. Swipe left and right on the team building screen to check.
Is it true that diagonal moves are possible?
Yes! It can greatly increase your combo options, but pulling it off consistently is pretty unreliable. It may be easier on a tablet/larger screen. The faster you move the orbs, the more likely a diagonal move will work.
I want to use my friend's leader, but he's not in my list.
Have your friend re-login to the game (force-close the app and open it again), then you do the same.
People are talking about a special dungeon today, but I don't see it in my game!
If you don't have enough total stamina to enter certain advanced dungeons, they will not be displayed.
I was reading a forum/article/blog and came across a term/abbreviation I didn't understand.
There is a PAD Verbiage page for commonly used P&D slang. Check there and feel free to leave a comment if you didn't find an answer to your question.


Is an enemy more likely to drop if I target it?
No. All drops in the dungeon are predetermined when you start the dungeon, so nothing you do to the enemies will affect the drops.
How do I quit out of a dungeon without dying?
In the top-right, tap the Menu button and select Quit. You will still lose stamina and any loot from the dungeon.
What do I do if I have a lot of stamina left when I'm close to ranking up?
1) Go grind the low-EXP dungeons for evolution materials. 2) If you don't need evo materials, you can try challenging a difficult high-stamina dungeon. If you die, it's no big loss since you can rank up quickly and refill.
How can I rank up quickly?
On weekends when Tower of Giants is 1/2 stamina, "Dragons of the Tower" will give you a great EXP/stamina ratio. If your team is strong enough, you can also run "King of Darkness" in Castle of Satan. Dungeon Overview (Normal) has more detailed numbers.
During 1.5x or 2x drop rate, is there increased appearance rate of rare/invade monsters?
No, but rare monsters are more likely to drop if they do show up. Invades are always guaranteed to drop. There are certain other special dungeon events when a rare/invade monster gets a boosted chance to appear; they will be announced separately in the Daily News.


What do I do with this monster? It doesn't seem to be useful.
Look up that monster's page in this wiki, and click on the "Guide" link at the top to find out.
That's great, but nobody has written a Guide for this monster yet.
If in doubt, hold on to it! But you can get a general idea by checking the following things:
  • Does it evolve into something cool? Take a look at the "Evo Tree" link at the top of the page.
  • Is it used to evolve certain monsters? Look for the "Used to Evo These Monsters" section at the bottom of its page.
  • Is it good for leveling up other monsters? Check the "Fodder Exp" and see if it's a deliciously high number.
  • Does it (or its evolution) have an Active Skill? It's probably used to Skill Up a more important monster. Reference the "Monsters with Same Skill" section at the bottom of its page.
My monster has another element icon in the lower right. What does that mean?
These are sub-attributes, which gives your monster another attack when orbs of that attribute are matched. If the sub-attribute matches the main attribute (such as 480i Firedragon Grand Tyrannos), the amount of damage contributed is 10% ATK; if different from the main attribute (such as 757i Scorched Claw Dragon, Flare Drall), the damage is 30% ATK. They will also be treated the same as a monster with that color for its main attribute when it comes to things like Leader Skill boosts, Binds, etc.
My Loki gives x2 ATK and RCV to Dark creatures and Devils. Does he give x4 ATK and RCV to a Dark Devil-type creature?
No. Leader skills from a single Leader never stack with themselves. However, if you had Loki and added a 478i Hellray Harpie Demon to your team (Light Devil), a friend's leader's multipliers to Light creatures would stack with Loki's bonuses to Devils.


Can I kill a monster with Skill DirectAttack Gravity?
No. Using a Gravity-type skill on a monster with 1 HP will do 0 damage.
Will Orb changing skills wipe out my +Orbs?
As of Ver 6.4.3, any Orb that has a + will still keep it after being changed.
Will full-board Orb changing skills like Skill Transform Five Colored Alchemy screw me with only two orbs of a color?
No, there will always be at least three of each color. However, skills like 911i Red Dragon Caller, Sonia's Skill Transform Draco Summoning Circle-Fr & Dk do not guarantee at least 6 of each color, so you may not be able to make the rows you need...
How do Row Enhance Awoken Skills like AwokenSkill22 Enhanced Fire Att. work?
For each horizontal row of 6 Orbs you match, every Row Enhance skill on your team will increase the team's total damage of that color by 10%. The rows must not be connected, so the max number of rows you can make on a board is 3. (In other words, a full board of Fire Orbs created by 565i Ishikawa Goemon only counts for one Row.) So if you make two rows of Fire Orbs and have 6 AwokenSkill22 Enhanced Fire Att.s on your team, that would increase all Fire attacks that turn by 2*6*10% = 120% extra damage.
How does AwokenSkill27 Two-Pronged Attack work?
For every attacking match with exactly 4 Orbs, each AwokenSkill27 Two-Pronged Attack on a monster will increase that monster's total attack power by 1.5x, as well as attacking two enemies at once. So if you make 3 4-Orb matches, a monster with two AwokenSkill27 Two-Pronged Attacks will attack for (1.5^2)^3 = 11.4x power!
  • The sub-attribute can also activate the boost! For example, matching 3 Water Orbs and 4 Fire Orbs will give 1555i Eight-Headed Dragon God, Viper Orochi 1.5x boost for both its Water and Fire attacks.
  • The sub-attribute will also attack two enemies, and may target different ones from the main attribute. That is to say, your monster may attack up to four enemies at once.
  • If there's only one enemy on screen, you will not launch two attacks, but the 1.5x boost will still activate.
  • AwokenSkill27 Two-Pronged Attack only activates on a match of 4 Orbs, not 5 or more, but if you make a match of 4 Orbs and a match of 5+ Orbs at the same time, you will activate the skill and spread-attack all enemies with the 1.5x added boost.
How do Orb Enhance Awoken Skills like AwokenSkill14 Enhanced Fire Orbs work?
Each Orb Enhance skill on your team increases the chance of +Orbs appearing for that color by 20%, so 5 Orb Enhances will guarantee + on all Orbs of that color. Furthermore, each Orb Enhance skill will increase the damage of all attacks in that color by 4% for each match with a +Orb in it. For example, if you make 2 Fire matches each containing 3 +Orbs, they will increase Fire damage by 6*6% = 36%. Now, if you have 5 AwokenSkill14 Enhanced Fire Orbs on your team, they will additionally increase Fire damage by 5*2*4% = 40%. In total, this results in 1.36*1.40 = 1.904x Fire damage.