Feeding monsters refers to using Power-Up Fusion to give experience to valuable monsters or dragons. The goal of this page is to help you feed your monster more efficiently. Its ideas and conclusions may not be entirely correct and should be used for reference only.

There are two main goals in terms of efficiency:

  1. Saving gold
  2. Increasing Experience gained

This guide is targeted towards players who have reached at least Fire Forest Nerva, but can be used by newer players to learn the basics of feeding.

For information on skilling up your monsters, see Monster Skills.

Simple FeedingEdit

When using Power-Up Fusion to feed one monster to another, if the two monsters share a primary attribute (Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark), there will be a 50% experience bonus. Using this will save a lot of time and energy.

The best plan is not always feed everything to your best monster. This will become extremely expensive. It is often better to feed a lower value monster to a higher one first:

Using Water as an example: You shouldn't feed 5 lv 3 048i to a lv 30 569i, because the gold costs will outweigh the XP gain. However, feeding 048i to something from the "Fair" list (e.g. 049i), allowing it to reach at least level 12 and then feeding that to 569i is okay until roughly level 35.

Simple Feeding Method
Tier Monsters Comments
Best 305i306iUnevolved Pengdras give 10000 xp to same color when maxed. It's best to evolve them first, however this can take up box space as it requires 153i.
Good 065i071i194iFeed lower tier monsters to these up to level 10~12. Usable fodder until the level 40-50 range.
Fair 049i193i264iShould be leveled to roughly level 12-14 before being fed to your main monsters. At level 4-6, they can be fed to a 305i to max it.
Poor 048i058i059i064i070iPoor. It is recommended to just sell these until you get past Tower of Giants. At that point they may be fed to tiers above to maximize use.

Advanced FeedingEdit

After beating Castle of Satan, you gain access to the Technical Dungeons. The first levels of Fertile Land, Ice Maze, and Blazing Highway are arguably the best for dropping Pengdras (303i305i307i). Outside of certain special drops from limited-time dungeons, Pengdras are the best fodder monsters in the game. A max-level Pengdra provides 6000 EXP (10000 for same color), and needs a significant amount less experience to reach max level. NOTE: This is only recommended if you have large amounts of both patience and box space.

Raising FodderEdit

Below are a table of the fodder monsters you can get from the first level of Fertile Land, Ice Maze, and Blazing Highway. These numbers assume that you are feeding the monster to something of the same color.

SpeciesMonsterEXP value
(fed as-is to same color)
Pengdra 303i Fire Pengdra
305i Water Pengdra
307i Wood Pengdra
1800 (lv 2)
Carbuncle 047i Ruby Carbuncle
049i Sapphire Carbuncle
051i Emerald Carbuncle
1969 (lv 5)
Chimera 262i Flame Chimera
264i Bubble Chimera
266i Leaf Chimera
1200 (lv 2)
Divine Mask 171i Divine Carmine Mask
172i Divine Indigo Mask
173i Divine Jade Mask
3000 (lv 1)

A lv 2 Pengdra requires only 2545 EXP to reach max level, more than that will be a waste of gold/fodder. Below are various ways to feed a Pengdra to max (assuming same-color for all monsters):

Fodder comboGold costNotes
Carbuncle + Chimera400Recommended
Chimera + Chimera400Recommended. Feed one Chimera to another Chimera, then feed the resulting lv 6 Chimera to the Pengdra.
Pengdra + Chimera400This method wastes the least EXP, but Pengdras are much more precious, so you probably shouldn't do it.
Pengdra + Pengdra400A waste of EXP and Pengdras; it's better to just buy more boxes or wait for fodder.
Pengdra + Carbuncle 400 Pengdras and Carbuncles are more worth more raw EXP than Chimeras. Only use these if you have a lot of extra monsters.
Carbuncle + Carbuncle 400
Jewel Dragon200Ever since jewel dragons were removed as requirements for evolution, they have become a great fodder option for tricolor pengdra.
Divine Mask200If you already have enough masks for evolution, you can use leftover masks for fodder.
Dublits200The above also applies to dublits (just not mythlits!).

Note: This table does not take into account the extra cost from +1 Monsters.

Pengdra FarmingEdit

Due to the large difference in the amount of experience provided, you should evolve Pengdras before feeding them to other monsters. (They are at max level immediately after evolving, so there's no need to level them further.)

These are the materials needed for evolution:

Pengdra Evolution Materials Needed
303i Fire Pengdra 304i Ruby Pengdra 153i Dragon Plant
305i Water Pengdra 306i Sapphire Pengdra 153i Dragon Plant
307i Wood Pengdra 308i Emerald Pengdra 153i Dragon Plant
600i Shiny Pengdra 601i Topaz Pengdra 152i Dragon Seed
602i Dark Pengdra 603i Amethyst Pengdra 152i Dragon Seed

However, your penguin farm faces two problems:

  • Evo Materials: Large numbers of 152i Dragon Seed and 153i Dragon Plant are required, which are typically amassed once a week from Thursday Dungeon. Although the recently added Alert! Dragon Plant Infestation! gives you another way to farm those Evo Materials, it doesn't appear as often.
  • Storage space: Because Dragon Seeds and Dragon Plants can only be refilled every Thursday, you have to stock up on them all at once, putting pressure on storage space. You will need a lot of monster boxes to store Dragon Seeds, Dragon Plants, and Pengdras.

Because their evo materials are tougher to get, it's okay to raise the more common Fire/Water/Wood Pengdras to max and feed them unevolved to your main monster, saving only a few Pengdras for evolution based on your available box space. However, Light/Dark Pengdras are rare and should always be evolved if possible.


  • King and High Jewel/Metal/Gold Dragons give large amounts of EXP, which come from daily special dungeons. Super King Dragons are worth even more experience but their dungeons are quite difficult without a team planned around beating them.
  • There are some good fodder monsters in certain limited-time dungeons, such as 681i Manekimewdra (20000), Moltdras 523i524i525i577i578i (12000), and Porings from Poring Tower (10000).
  • From the rank 20 friend gift machine or through gift dungeons, the Snow Globe Dragons 520i521i522i1005i1006i, when max leveled, currently give the highest amount of EXP than any other monster, 1,500,000 EXP to the same ATT, and are recommended to be used to max the level of a monster that needs more than 2 million exp to reach max level. Should you want to take the chance to earn more exp from them, you can choose to use them when the EXP earned is multiplied giving either 1.5 times (2,250,000) or 2 times (3,000,000) the EXP, during the events that run monthly.

Monster Leveling Resources Edit

To level monsters, two things are required: XP and gold. XP comes in the form of other monsters (hereafter referred to as "fodder") you feed to the monsters you wish to level. Gold can be acquired by clearing dungeons and can be a real problem in the beginning. Below is a small list of the dungeons with the best stamina-to-Gold ratio for newer players.

Weekend Dungeon Int (1719/sta) Castle of Satan King of Darkness (972/sta) Castle of Satan Witches Ball (612/Sta) Castle of Satan The King's Protectors (596/sta) Tower of Giants Dragons of the Tower (601/sta)

Once you are up to the 3rd set of dungeons, gold drops are fairly similar across the board. Since this is the case, it's better to run whichever dungeon currently has a 1.5x drop rate active to maximize fodder and gold. Although Castle of Satan gives fairly good amounts of gold, it is not recommended for gathering fodder due to the multiple colors making it harder to get what you need.