Below are sample teams that have successfully conquered this dungeon. You are welcome to share your own teams and tips here. (Please reference Sample Team Guidelines for suggestions on contributing.)

50% Fire resist monsters
182i 293i 290i 122i 123i 389i 388i 211i 408i
5.1.1 389i239i241i394i397i388i 7500+ Grind. Minerva should ideally have max skill (kill off mobs, finish faster). 397i can be replaced by 190i, other teammates can be whatever with high RCV. Sweep and charge skills, it's just a matter of time. Recommend average level 60+.../ミツル
5.1.1 388i392i188i597i190i388i 11600 654i, 625i, 514i, 315i can replace 392i. Charge skills when only 546i or 681i are left. Recommend using only 2 Gravities on 4F, just watch your HP on 5F and it'll be easy if you don't slip up
5.1.1 293i629i397i393i139i388i 10241 RCV 2200+
5.1.1 491i317i321i319i318i491i 16000+ sweep
5.1.1 566i190i224i574i596i566i 14500+ 25x sweep
5.1.1 211i137i321i321i202i139i 13872 Most important is to get big combos on 1F and kill everything in 3 turns. Susano max level, Siren max skill, Amaterasu 4100 heal. The return of Amaterasu Era
5.1.1 188i190i135i201i137i491i 13155 Echidna not skilled up; Susano max skill; average level 60
6.2 758i321i214i912i213i1103i 12500 Average level 50. Ronia and the two rippers can be subbed for anything that helps kill faster. Slow but safe grind. On the boss, use the Keeper of Rainbow when he uses Immovable as Mountain, other than that, just heal if you need, and you have two active skills to help if you get heart orb trolled. Very safe
5.1.1 204i321i445i026i248i211i 9100+ Didn't use Rainbow Keeper's skill at all, he's just there for extra HP and RCV. Archangel heals 1800+, all team average level 30. Boss took around 150 rounds to grind out. Meteor Volcano Dragon & Caol-ila were main damage dealers, very safe if you charge Caol-ila's skill before every floor. Keep 3 Hearts on the board every round against the boss, use Rainbow/Archangel's skills to save you if necessary
5.1.1 389i363i135i141i319i491i 14000+ 389i can swap for 388i, super no-pressure. Faster if 389i is max skill. If lacking hearts, use Orochi. Activate Orochi as soon as boss battle begins, average 20-30 mins to finish
5.1.1 139i321i283i203i190i293i 12577
5.1.1 293i515i241i190i201i388i 10000+ Average level 50, having max-skill 388i lets you play in your sleep
5.1.1 493i515i241i190i201i493i 11000+ Average level 50, key is charging up 190i201i skills before the boss. If you don't fumble, you'll sweep him, else he'll sweep you
5.1.1 493i513i363i190i201i188i 11000+ A 9x attack team can easily pass, average levels around 40. Tough part is 4F, make sure you keep 3 or more Hearts on the board, recommend max-skill Isis. Don't run right in, charge up your skills whenever you see a Mid Ninja. Boss battle: Echidna -> 2 Gravities -> If full HP, sweep/If not full HP, fill up HP then sweep. You can finish in 2 rounds with 5-7 combos.
5.1.1 211i442i241i444i190i139i 10000+ This team is super stable and fairly fast.

Average around level 30, the key is 139i is max level +297. Take care to kill Light enemies on first floor, afterwards just make matches until Whiskey Dragon is ready. It'd be perfection if you swap 211i for 388i. Swapping 444i with 597i or 442i can speed you up Note: Swapping 211i with 388i might hit your team cost ceiling so swap 241i for any low-cost Wood type (The whole team needs ~190 cost)

5.1.1 290i391i016i393i321i290i 12116 RCV 1696... Basically neer lacked hearts at the boss... Flare Drall turns Wood into Hearts... Totally full after a combo... The only thing is that I had to use 393i's skill to heal once against the kitty and Light ninja... You'll never die =]
5.1.1 388i391i393i226i484i139i 11319 139iMax lv+81
5.1.1 293i321i201i362i226i139i 10173 No skill ups at all, Amaterasu heals 2275, no pressure, but took 200 rounds to kill the boss
5.1.1 211i212i213i214i397i139i 9405+ Dark/Dark Hades can be swapped for Hera. Amaterasu heals 3124 each round. Focus on killing Light ninjas on 1F, leave Fire ninjas/ogres for charging skills as much as possible to the next floor. Use skills on 4F, then charge them towards the end. If in danger on any floor, use Resist Dragon's blast, then charge it up again.
5.1.1 491i201i560i214i321i493i 11000+ Wood type can swap for other high-HP Wood monsters. The important part is Echidna, she must have her skill ready before the boss battle, and use it as soon as the boss appears. If your luck is good, use 12x attacks for 5 rounds to kill him. If he's still not dead in 5 rounds, use Rainbow Keeper's half-damage skill and kill him in 7-9 rounds, or you'll have to use a stone.
5.1.1 493i201i231i188i190i491i 10000+ A 12x attack team can win easily. Whole team average lv 30s, tough part is stage 4. If you can't sweep through quickly with 12x, then charge up skills slowly with 3x, and use Echidna if you're lacking Hearts. Use skills when the boss appears, if you're successful he'll go to heaven before he can make a move.
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1361i 1362i 1363i 1364i 1365i

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1166i 1167i 1168i 1169i 1170i

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142i 143i 144i 145i 146i

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103i 105i 109i 089i 099i
300i 718i 297i 1187i 901i
903i 1179i 1181i

111i Lightless Devils' Nest
087i Breakers
016i Dark-Breaking Wings
208i Tower of Jewels
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