Type Active Skill
Default Cooldown 30
Minimum Cooldown 8
Skill Effect Skill AttributeUp.pngSkill AttackAll.png Matched Wood Orbs are 1.3x stronger for 2 turns. Also, deal Wood type damage equal to 20x user's ATK to all enemies. Affected by enemy element and defense.
With Skill
No.011  BrachysNo.012  Flowerdragon BrachysNo.117  FafnirNo.144  Isle Dragon YggdrasilNo.267  Flower ChimeraNo.330  Red Wood FafnirNo.331  Blue Wood FafnirNo.332  Shining Wood FafnirNo.333  Dark Wood FafnirNo.436  Super Tsumagoi CabbageNo.482  Flowerdragon Gaia BrachysNo.506  Jelly's AngelNo.1096  Wind Twin Star FafnirNo.1921  猛花龍・ハウルブラキオス
Similar Skill
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