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This 24-hour dungeon was designed to celebrate "Puzzle & Dragons" winning the Best Game Design award at the CEDEC Awards 2012. It can only be cleared once.

You can get one of the Dual-Element Dragons. After clearing it once, the dungeon will disappear. You can pick the dragon you want by quitting out of the dungeon (but it will take 30 stamina each time).

Dungeon History

March 28-April 10, 201430 Million Downloads

Gift of a Lifetime

Stamina 30 Money 720 (24/Sta)
Dungeon 1 Exp 461 (15/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

1 1 random monster from below.
113i Ifrit 4325 2 74 35700 112i Lv3
115i Leviathan 16944 5 186744 0 114i Lv3
117i Fafnir 6894 3 168133 1020 116i Lv3
119i Divinegon 3544 1 186744 1020 118i Lv3
121i Tiamat 5219 2 205355 1020 120i Lv3
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