Godfests are events that increase the rate of rolling certain Gods from the Rare Egg Machine. There are also some monsters that can only be rolled during Godfests.

(Even though they are not actually "God" type, but the Archdemon series also quality as a Godfest pantheon.)


Godfests always take place during Events, usually for 48 hours during a weekend. They occur roughly every two weeks or so. The Rare Egg Machine will display yellow text saying when a Godfest is active.

Godfests are normally announced on the GungHo official Facebook page a few days ahead of time. They usually consist of 2-3 series of Gods that are increased to 3x rates. Unfortunately, without knowing the exact base rate, it's hard to know exactly what the result roll rate is, but the community generally considers the average chance of getting a featured God around 25-30%, so around 1 in 4 rolls.

Advice for PlayersEdit

When starting a new account, it's generally recommended to reroll until you start with a God or Godfest-exclusive monsters. The first mandatory roll that you get during the tutorial does factor in any REM events going on, so Godfests are good times to start rolling. Likewise, whenever you want to spend your Magic Stones on new monsters, it's best to wait for a Godfest.

Godfests are different from Carnivals or Galas, which are week-long REM events that increase the rates of a featured element or subgrouping of monsters to 1.5x, and the level of those monsters to 30. Godfests do overlap with Carnivals, but the rates are not further increased for monsters that belong to both the Godfest and the Carnival. However, a Godfest monster that is featured in the Carnival will still receive any benefits provided from the Carnival, like levels and +'s.

  • In other words, if there is a Dark Carnival going on during a Norse Godfest, you are not more likely to pull 376i Loki over the other Norse Gods, but if you do pull him, he will come out at Lv 30.

Furthermore, if you are looking for specific monsters that are not featured in Godfests, such as ninjas or riders, it could be worth waiting until a Godfest occurs during that Carnival to roll, since your non-Godfest rolls are more likely to be Carnival rolls.

Godfest SeriesEdit

Godfests may also include evolved versions of the featured gods, which are normally not rollable.

Series Monsters
Roman God122i124i126i128i130i
Japanese God132i134i136i138i140i
Indian God236i238i240i242i244i
Norse God368i370i372i374i376i
Egyptian God490i492i494i496i498i
Greek God567i569i571i573i575i
Chinese Celestial745i747i749i751i753i
Japanese God 2.0799i801i803i805i807i
Legendary Hero1065i1067i1069i1071i1073i
Three Kingdoms1231i1233i1235i1237i1239i
Indian God 2.01330i1332i1334i1336i1338i
Egyptian God 2.01659i1661i1663i1665i1667i

Godfest ExclusivesEdit

The following monsters can be rolled only during Godfests. They may or may not have boosted rates, depending on the event.


Godfest HistoryEdit

6 Million Thanks!Jan-Feb 2015Three Kingdoms
Souls of the ForestJan 2015Roman 1
New Year GroovesDec 2014-Jan 2015Day 1:
Japanese 1
Japanese 2
Day 2:
Day 3:
Egyptian 1
Egyptian 2