Dungeon Data Sample Teams

Below are sample teams that have successfully conquered this dungeon. You are welcome to share your own teams and tips here. (Please reference Sample Team Guidelines for suggestions on contributing.)

5.4.3 652i201i566i512i599i568i 24000+ 一如即往火隊打天下 血量要24000+捱到豆腐哥2下攻擊 基本上好穩 見到蔥就先秒佢 有咩問題開火奶 尾關石川火拉弗雷秒
5.4.1 566i201i512i599i646i566i 17953 25x team, easy and fast. Just have negative RCV, no need to charge Fireworks skill, easy sweep =] Details:
5.4.3 754i621i416i692i135i754i 13879 白虎12.25倍 人品0石過 白虎分別84lv+60同最大+120 火天68lv 九尾1lv 破龍皇49lv 大蛇34lv 大蛇可換火奶 火天作用拉回復及救命 九尾作用拉回復+救命/配合破龍皇技出山寨白虎技 第5關前儲到白虎技 留邊隻儲技自己決定 防止第5關遇同rd+斷珠 boss前再儲埋大蛇技 最後boss大蛇雙白虎技6rd殺唔死都冇辦法 最重要留意血量
5.4.3 484i321i321i321i391i629i 31000+ 平民隊, 隊長月光龍LV71, 朋友暗天99lv(低些都夠打), 海王神Lv72(可換成任何高血高回寵), 有危機便開虹番技, 超危機便放暗天先秒一隻, 再慢慢儲技, 平均每回合4-6 combo, 順利0石過關
5.4.3 360i321i190i498i205i629i 49000+ Aside from Lucifer all others are lv30.. Grind slowly, use skills if you're low on patience. Several team members can be swapped for other Dark monsters or Healers but make sure to keep your RCV high
5.4 599i201i597i516i688i599i 13000 Only necessary team members are Echidna and King Baddie. On 5/9F if you see 3 Super Konjacs then you must use Echidna. On Daruma use Baddie & Hera-Ur to sweep
5.4.1 625i277i277i432i443i625i 44000+ Takes a long time, nothing else to say
5.4.1 629i321i321i321i201i629i 50000+ Farmable Lucifer team, no need for skill ups. If leek binds you, Rainbow Keeper or Echidna skills can save you. Leader Lucifer lv22 +22, friend Lucifer lv70 low +value. Just watch your HP.
6.4.3 497i808i1099i202i363i994i 14189 lv61, lv40, lv52, lv47, lv62, and friend's horus has max lv. Got 27x max. No need to stall and just try to sweep everything. No need to use Echidna's skill if you can recover back. The boss may require two 27x hit and a bit more.
5.4.1 692i317i201i512i512i692i 21375 Aside from Siegfreds being Lv99, +109 and L78, +44,teammates are average lv 41 and 0 plus eggs. Swept past, used no defensive skills. Echidna can be swapped for any Physical type. Can pass Paradise rank too, but watch out for tofu.
5.4.3 493i735i201i522i321i752i 12000+ Sweep, average lv 70 no skill ups; even though I haven't tried I think it can sweep Legend too
5.4.3 754i597i190i201i516i754i ~14000 Nothing special, leave 1 evolved enemy to charge Gravity, after charging up use 12.25x for everyone, on boss use double Gravity/Byakko skill, be sure to heal
5.4.3 754i201i321i321i391i754i ~15000 雙白虎隊, 自己果隻lv77, 朋友果隻lv99, 雙白虎隊用慣便懂找機會儲技, 海王神可任意轉其他寵, 火奶不用滿技, 有危機便放虹番或威嚇, boss雙白虎開技輕鬆搞掂,輕鬆過關,注意回復
5.4.1 111i321i321i676i201i576i 20000+ 吸血鬼LV36, 布庫魯LV51, 火奶LV55(2技, 其餘0技), 隊友滿等. 葱優先打,如果是大葱加其它未進化的小怪可留大葱存技. 火奶技只在1~9回用, 可配合吸血鬼及暗希技.進化怪半血以下時要小心. 第10回磨過, 很少開吸血鬼及暗希技.
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