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Coin-Purchased Dungeons

Updated March 16, 2015

Biweekly Dragons

1166i 1167i 1168i 1169i 1170i
1591i 1592i 1593i 1594i 1595i
Money 500000

Survey Dungeons

099i 300i
Money 250000

Extreme Challenges

015i 1207i
Money 2000000

Rush Series

918i 985i 1371i 1215i
Money 5000000

Alt Dungeons

Alt. Hypno Forest
Alt. Creek of Neleus
Alt. Hemera Volcanic Belt
Alt. Aither Desert
Alt. Talos's Abyss
Money 1000000

Materials Dungeons
{{{3}}} Alert! Dragon Plant Infestation!
Money 500000
{{{3}}} Pengdra Village
Money 1000000
{{{3}}} King Carnival
{{{3}}} Together at Last! Evo Rush!!
Money 3000000
{{{3}}} Together at Last! Rare Evo Rush!
Money 5000000
{{{3}}} TAMADRA Village
Money 10000000
Biweekly Dungeon
Dungeon Dungeon Overview (Dragons!)

Insect Dragon

1591i 1592i 1593i 1594i 1595i

Dragon Princess

1361i 1362i 1363i 1364i 1365i

Flower Dragons

1166i 1167i 1168i 1169i 1170i

Pirate Dragons

974i 975i 976i 977i 978i

Artifact Dragons

782i 783i 784i 785i 786i

Samurai Dragons

540i 541i 542i 543i 544i

Ancient Dragons

441i 442i 443i 444i 445i


283i 284i 285i 286i 287i

Sky Dragons

216i 217i 218i 219i 220i

Legendary Dragons

142i 143i 144i 145i 146i

Dungeon Dungeon Overview (Biweekly)

Twitter Survey

103i 105i 109i 089i 099i
300i 718i 297i 1187i 901i
903i 1179i 1181i

{{{3}}} Lightless Devils' Nest
{{{3}}} Breakers
{{{3}}} Dark-Breaking Wings
{{{3}}} Tower of Jewels