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This dungeon's only rank is Mythical.


This dungeon has no Heart Orbs and no way to naturally recover HP! This raises the dungeon difficulty significantly! You need to carefully consider your moves so that every turn deals damage and clears out enemies that are about to attack if possible.

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Monster Data

No. 1510
Awoken Mephistopheles
No.1509  MephistophelesEvoArrow.pngNo.1510  Awoken Mephistopheles
L. Skill

Soul Reaper-Mythical

Stamina.png 50 Money.png 49710 (994/Sta)
Dungeon.png 7 Exp.png 26665 (533/Sta)
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Invade Souls of the Forest Only (Details)
No.746  Heavenly Guide Suzaku, Leilan Heavenly Guide Suzaku, Leilan 8569 1 2016042 310 No.1325 Jewel of Fire Lv1
Skill SkillLock.png Binding Wave Bind Active Skills for 5 turns.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack.png Southern Seven-Star Formation Multi-Hit (7) 47985
HP20%↓: 100% chance.
1 No.478  Hellray Harpie Demon Hellray Harpie Demon 6903 1 570555 800 No.478 Hellray Harpie Demon Lv5
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack.png Evil Slash Multi-Hit (6) 12426
HP35%↓: 40% chance.
Skill Lock.png Dark Bind Bind Gem5.png for 2–4 turns.
10% chance.
No.479  Helldark Blood Demon Helldark Blood Demon 7000 1 574030 800 No.479 Helldark Blood Demon Lv5
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack.png Evil Slash Multi-Hit (6) 12600
HP35%↓: 40% chance.
Skill Lock.png Flash Bind Bind Gem4.png for 2–4 turns.
10% chance.
2 No.1214  Underworld Guard Dog, Cerberus Underworld Guard Dog, Cerberus 17375 1 1054444 340 No.1214 Underworld Guard Dog, Cerberus Lv5
Skill Void.png Hell Howl Gem0.pngx2→Gem7.png
Skill Poison.png Death Bite Gem0.pngx3→Gem8.png, and hit for 4344
HP25%↑: 100% chance.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack.png Trinity Fang Multi-Hit (3) 26064
HP24%↓: 100% chance.
3 No.1064  Devil Fish Devil Fish×3 8111 3 313472 700 No.1064 Devil Fish Lv5
4 No.412  Viciousdragon Helheim Viciousdragon Helheim 18583 3 836250 420 No.412 Viciousdragon Helheim Lv5
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack.png God Hell Breath Multi-Hit (3) 41811
HP75%↓: 70% chance.
Skill Smoke.png Dark Wind Hide Orbs.
5% chance.
5 No.1094  Cyclone Devil Dragon Cyclone Devil Dragon 20653 2 1530625 20500 No.035 Devil Dragon Lv5
Skill Lock.png Demonic Stare Bind Gem4.png for 4 turns.
Preemptive; 90% chance if Gem4.png present.
Skill ChangeAll.png Demonic Howl 10% Gem7.png orb drop increase for 5 turns.
Preemptive; 10% chance if Gem4.png not present.
Skill DamageTransform.png Hell Ball Gem2.pngGem5.png and hit for 18588.


Skill DamageTransform.png Hell Ball Gem2.pngGem5.png and hit for 18588.
Skill SmokeDamage.png Dark Cyclone Blast Hide Orbs, and hit for 25816.
6 No.638  Fallen Angel Lucifer Fallen Angel Lucifer Skill 1 2779861 750 None
Skill Lock.png Charismatic Evil Bind Gem5.png for 3 turns.
Preemptive; 90% chance if Gem5.png present.
Skill Poison.png I will be your opponent Gem0.pngx3→Gem8.png
Preemptive; 10% chance if Gem5.png not present.
Skill DamageTransform.png Evil Nova Gem5.pngGem7.png and hit for 8282.
HP30%↑: 60% chance if Gem5.png present.
Skill EnemyAttack.png Cursed Blade 11042
HP30%↑:如其他技能不 chance.必用


Skill NoEffect.png Perish! Do nothing.
Skill EnemyAttack.png The Morning Star 220840
7 No.1510  Awoken Mephistopheles Awoken Mephistopheles 18070 1 4634236 3350 No.1509 Mephistopheles Lv5
Skill EffectShield.png Nightmare Cloak Status effect null for 4 turns.


Skill SmokeDamage.png Mist of Darkness Hide Orbs, and hit for 9035.
Skill EnemyAttack.png Chaos Ray 12649


Skill Lock.png Blasphemy Bind MonsterType05.png for 3 turns.
100% chance if MonsterType05.png present, one time max.


Skill NoEffect.png 3 Do nothing.
Skill DamageTransform.png Hidden Dagger Gem0.pngGem7.png and hit for 22588.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack.png Endless Nightmare Multi-Hit (6) 65052
100% chance, used repeatedly.

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