Pal Points are one of the three in-game currencies (aside from Coins and Magic Stones). Pal Points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Daily Login Bonus (in increasing amounts for multiple consecutive days, up to 1000 at seven consecutive days).
  • Completing a dungeon using another player's Helper for the first time in a day (10 if user is a Friend, 5 if user is not a Friend, 100 if user is a Best Friend). Team Challenge does not earn Pal Points.
  • Completing specific Challenge Dungeons, redeemed in the Mail screen.
  • Special Events (i.e. Official Twitch Stream Rewards, etc.)

Pal Points are spent on the Pal Egg Machine. Generally, one pull on the Pal Egg Machine requires 500 Pal Points. The current maximum number of Pal Points saved at once is 50,000 (100 pulls).

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