Skill Type Awoken Skill
Name Recover Bind
Skill Effect Match a horizontal row of Hearts (6 Orbs) to reduce binds by 3 turns. Matching 2 rows will reduce by 6 turns (and 3 rows for 9 turns), but the rows must not be connected.
Monsters with Skill 127i139i203i204i239i392i393i416i419i422i425i428i529i535i627i641i804i912i914i953i988i1056i1066i1068i1070i1072i1074i1089i1101i1103i1114i1217i1256i1298i1319i1415i1511i1512i1513i1514i1515i1518i1535i1557i1625i1645i1705i1719i1732i1733i1734i1735i1736i1744i1804i1827i1867i1875i1902i1905i1947i1949i1955i
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