Rogue or roguelike (unofficial terms) dungeons, or special descends (semi-official term) are dungeons with special leveling mechanics. Instead of monsters using their actual levels, monsters will start at level 1 on floor 1, and gain experience as you clear floors. (Experience gained this way is only for that dungeon, and not permanently kept.)

Monsters can reach a higher level in a rogue dungeon than they had outside of the dungeon. However, monsters with level limit break can get up to level 110, rather than their species max level. Monsters with super awakening skills will not have those skills until they reach level 100.

Leveling mechanics Edit

After clearing a floor, your monsters will gain XP from the enemies defeated on that floor. They gain levels as follows:

  • The base XP is comes from each enemy monster's feed XP, scaled with the enemy's level. Enemy monsters that normally have a max level of 1 can have a higher level as a dungeon enemy, which (in theory) affects the XP gained in rogue dungeons.
  • Attribute matters: After defeating a Wood enemy, your Wood monsters will gain 1.5x as much XP as your Fire monsters.
  • The XP gained is then scaled by the monster's Cost. (Formula is unknown, but it's not a simple division.)
  • Finally, the XP is "fed" to your monster. Monsters which need higher XP to level will grow slower. Super Reincarnated monsters (which max out at 50M XP) will thus level very slowly compared to monsters which max out at 4M XP.
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