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No duplicate team members allowed, including Leaders.

Monster Data

No. 1119
Awoken Sandalphon
Savior of Healer teams?!
L. Skill
Active skill is similar to 687i King Shynee. With 2 turns of enhance plus damage reduction every 15 turns when max skilled, he is a practical replacement of 687i King Shynee. But 1.5x HP means nothing and 2.5x ATK is not enough, so he cannot displace 694i Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie or 1217i Keeper of the Sacred Texts, Metatron as a leader.

Meditating Music God-Mythical

Stamina 50 Money 72600 (1452/Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 16082 (322/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

Invade Special Event Only (Details)
752i Kirin of the Aurora, Sakuya 8569 1 2016042 310 1328i Lv1
Skill SkillLock Binding Wave Bind Active Skills for 5 turns.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Dance of the Four Sources Multi-Hit (4) 68552
HP19%↓: 100% chance.
1 404i Unicorn×2 Skill 1 376650 220 404i Lv10
Skill EnemyAttack Dash 2093
Skill DamageTransform Saintly Horn Gem0Gem4 and hit for 8370.
100% chance.
2 1104i Sanctuary Guardian, Archangel 6333 1 870069 725 094i Lv5
Skill Void Cold Angelic Smile Gem0Gem7
Skill AttackUp Sadistic Switch ATK→12666 for 999 turns.
HP75%↓:100% chance. 1 time max.
Skill DamageTransform Shining Ray Gem0Gem4 and hit for 4750 (Sadistic Switch→9500).
40% chance.
Skill DamageTransform Heart Break Gem6Gem7 and hit for  (Sadistic Switch→6333).
HP30%↓:100% chance if Shining Ray has not been used. Will not use if no Gem6 present.
3 1 random monster from below.
621i Fire Dominion Uriel Skill 1 1391389 360 Money26k
Skill Damage Lock Punishing Chains 7125 and bind 1 random monster for 2–3 turns.
70% chance.
Skill DamageTransform Miraculous Flame Gem0Gem6 and hit for 14250.
Used if other skills are not activated.
Skill DamageTransform Eternal Flames Gem6Gem1 and hit for 7125.
HP50%↓:100% chance. Skipped if noGem6 present.
623i Water Dominion Gabriel Skill 2 627500 360 Money26k
Skill Lock Angelic Murmur Bind Leader Monster for 5 turns.
Skill DirectAttack Divine Word - The Final Day Cut player HP by 99%.
Alternates with Summon Casablanca.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Summon Casablanca Multi-Hit (2) 14532
Alternates with Divine Word - The Final Day.
Skill Recover Mystic White Lily Heal 100%.
HP%↓:100% chance.
625i Wood Dominion Michael Skill 1 43 600000 Money26k
Skill EffectShield Protective Field Status effect null for 4 turns.
Skill Lock Sealing Field Bind Leader & Friend's Monster for 4 turns.
Used first turn.

Use following skills in order:

Skill EnemyAttack Soul Scales 3243
Skill EnemyAttack Soul Scales 6486
Skill EnemyAttack Soul Scales 12972
Skill EnemyAttack Soul Scales 51888
4 627i Light Dominion Raphael Skill 5 2582361 0 Money26k
Skill Absorb Healing Miracle Absorb Dark for 10 turns.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Eternal Peace Multi-Hit (3) 134004
100% chance.
5 1119i Awoken Sandalphon Skill 1 3831736 670 1118i Lv5
Skill SkillLock Angelic Hymn Bind Active Skills for 3 turns.
Skill Lock Birdcage of Confinement Bind MonsterType05 for 10 turns.
HP50%↓:100% chance. 1 time max.
Skill DamageTransform Purifying Melody Gem5Gem4 and hit for 9122.
Alternates with Sword of Malkuth.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Sword of Malkuth Multi-Hit (2) 13684
Alternates with Purifying Melody.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Performance of Judgement Multi-Hit (3) 23946
HP30%↓:100% chance.
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