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The fourth dungeon designed based on player surveys. You can pick up the essential No.088  Naga Naga and masks for evolving fire-type monsters, including No.171  Divine Carmine Mask Divine Carmine Mask.

A quick warning... while this is by far the best way to get a naga, this dungeon is soul-crushing. It's not really hard, but the drop rate for nagas is very low, somewhere around 15% on Expert and somewhere around "haha, you're not serious" on Novice/Intermediate. If you're going for a max-skill Echidna - and every PAD player will, eventually, because she's awesome - expect to run this dungeon a lot and take full advantage of x2 drop days.

With normal naga drops and x2 skill up chances, it will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 160-170 Expert runs to max skill a naga. This goes down to a more reasonable 83 when Nagas are on double drop. Your own experiences can and will vary wildly!

Dungeon Records

Dates Notes
December 13-15, 2013 Saturnalia Celebration
December 27, 2013 Merry Christmastide!
February 22-23, 2014 Weekend Legends
May 19-20, 2014 Flower Power

Monster Data

No. 1099
Crimson Lotus Mistress, Echidna
No.088  NagaEvoArrow.pngNo.089  EchidnaEvoArrow.pngNo.201  Empress of Serpents, EchidnaEvoArrow.pngNo.1099  Crimson Lotus Mistress, Echidna
L. Skill
With an extremely useful enemy-delay skill, as well as providing much-needed RCV for fire types, Echidna is a must-have for many different teams. Also invaluable in dungeons where the boss needs to be swept. Her ultimate form works almost as well as No.756  Fire Serpent God, Hino Kagutsuchi Fire Serpent God, Hino Kagutsuchi as a lazy-farming leader.

Scarlet Snake Princess-Expert

Stamina.png 15 Money.png 5992-7262 (442/Sta)
Dungeon.png 5 Exp.png 3036-3653 (223/Sta)
RankS.png 200000
Dungeon.png Monster.png Battle.png Turn.png Hp.png Defence.png Loot.png Notes.png

No.069  Flame Knight Flame Knight 2278 2 11042 135 No.069 Flame Knight Lv5
No.171  Divine Carmine Mask Divine Carmine Mask 9999 5 18 60000 No.171 Divine Carmine Mask Lv1
No.191  Pyro Devil Pyro Devil 1611 1 8819 700 No.191 Pyro Devil Lv5
Rare No.088  Naga Naga 375 2 5417 40 No.088 Naga Lv5
5 No.089  Echidna Echidna×3 3957 2 113302 192 No.088 Naga Lv8

Scarlet Snake Princess-Int

Stamina.png 15 Money.png 2664-3904 (219/Sta)
Dungeon.png 5 Exp.png 1455-1786 (108/Sta)
Dungeon.png Monster.png Battle.png Turn.png Hp.png Defence.png Loot.png Notes.png

No.068  Flame Fighter Flame Fighter 1140 3 3750 100 No.068 Flame Fighter Lv10
No.166  Crimson Demon Mask Crimson Demon Mask 2406 8 15 4000 No.166 Crimson Demon Mask Lv1
No.191  Pyro Devil Pyro Devil 864 1 4727 420 No.191 Pyro Devil Lv3
Rare No.088  Naga Naga 201 2 2903 24 No.088 Naga Lv3
5 No.089  Echidna Echidna×2 1792 2 51307 96 No.088 Naga Lv4

Scarlet Snake Princess-Novice

Stamina.png 15 Money.png 762-804 (52/Sta)
Dungeon.png 5 Exp.png 398-506 (30/Sta)
Dungeon.png Monster.png Battle.png Turn.png Hp.png Defence.png Loot.png Notes.png

No.068  Flame Fighter Flame Fighter 283 3 931 30 No.068 Flame Fighter Lv3
No.161  Red Evolution Mask Red Evolution Mask 228 1 5 1000 No.161 Red Evolution Mask Lv1
No.191  Pyro Devil Pyro Devil 116 1 635 140 No.191 Pyro Devil Lv1
Rare No.088  Naga Naga 27 2 390 8 No.088 Naga Lv1
5 No.089  Echidna Echidna 709 2 20309 48 No.088 Naga Lv2
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