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The third installation in the Sky Dragon Biweekly Dungeon series! You can acquire 217i Blue Skydragon, Nirai Kanai, a high-damage ATK dragon. It's stronger than 008i Icedragon Plesios in the difficult late-game dungeons.


This dungeon has no Heart Orbs, and no way to recover HP. This raises the dungeon difficulty significantly. You need to carefully consider your moves so that every round deals damage, and clear out enemies that are about to attack if possible.

There are 10 battles in this dungeon, so take care to prep your skills before the boss battle. Due to lack of recovery, try to stall on early weak monsters, and be sure to keep an eye on HP.

The final boss 217i Blue Skydragon, Nirai Kanai attacks every two rounds. Since there are no Heart Orbs, there are two strategies: either kill it quick before it kills you, or wear it down with an auto-healer.

All enemies are water type in this dungeon, so wood-type team members will make it easier to clear mobs.

Monster DataEdit

No. 217
Blue Skydragon, Nirai Kanai
217i No Evolution Needed
L. Skill
Dragon that specializes in ATK (highest in the game), but weak in other areas. Main skill is okay for clearing trash mobs, but impotent against high-defense bosses. Leader skill is not very useful due to many similar skills.
No. 401
Sea Devil Kraken
L. Skill
Kraken has a special orb-enhancing skill that can further increase water type damage. Although its RCV is negative, water teams often have high RCV so there's not much need for concern.

Sky Above the Blue Ocean-MasterEdit

Stamina 50 Money 23104–24182 (473 / Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 10744–14567 (253 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
071i Aqua Knight 3934 2 19316 216 071i Lv8
193i Frost Devil 2756 1 15076 1120 193i Lv8
Rare 100i Mystic Ice Knight 5135 3 59949 720 100i Lv8
Invade 401i Sea Devil Kraken 21757 4 358172 322 400i Lv7 GoldEgg 100% Drop.
5 008i Icedragon Plesios 7608 4 225544 360 006i Lv8
9 091i Siren 4146 2 119191 192 090i Lv8
10 217i Blue Skydragon, Nirai Kanai 8820 2 906900 920 217i Lv10 GoldEgg 40% Drop.

Sky Above the Blue Ocean-ExpertEdit

Stamina 25 Money 14672–15632 (606 / Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 8523–8912 (349 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
Rare 024i Lil' Blue Dragon 1770 3 18600 40 024i Lv10
049i Sapphire Carbuncle 1444 2 4375 70 049i Lv5
059i Marine Goblin 2125 4 7778 70 059i Lv5
071i Aqua Knight 2319 2 11389 135 071i Lv5
193i Frost Devil 1248 1 6827 560 193i Lv4
Rare 100i Mystic Ice Knight 3028 3 35347 450 100i Lv5
5 008i Icedragon Plesios 3445 4 102133 180 006i Lv4
9 090i Mermaid×2 900 2 14700 80 090i Lv10
091i Siren 1877 2 53973 96 090i Lv4
10 217i Blue Skydragon, Nirai Kanai 5978 2 614677 644 217i Lv7 GoldEgg 5% Drop.

Sky Above the Blue Ocean-IntEdit

Stamina 15 Money 6488–6664 (438 / Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 3554–3600 (238 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
024i Lil' Blue Dragon 819 3 8611 20 024i Lv5
049i Sapphire Carbuncle 774 2 2345 42 049i Lv3
059i Marine Goblin 1139 4 4169 42 059i Lv3
070i Aqua Fighter 834 3 2745 70 070i Lv7
193i Frost Devil 494 1 2702 280 193i Lv2
10 217i Blue Skydragon, Nirai Kanai 2189 2 225046 276 217i Lv3 GoldEgg 2% Drop.

Sample StrategyEdit

This dungeon's boss has fairly high HP, so Expert/Master difficulty is still pretty tough. Due to green teams being tough to build, it's recommended to beat this dungeon with a resist team.

For resist, 125i Sea Deity Neptune, 143i Ice Dragon Niflheim, or 212i Crystal Aurora Dragon can act as leader, with a high recovery monster like 139i Amaterasu Ohkami or 204i Messenger of God, Archangel as the helper. If your 50% resist + healer provides enough recovery, you can use a strong attacker instead of 202i Enchantress of the Sea, Siren for a faster clear. If both leaders are damage resist, or if your healer doesn't recover enough, bring 202i Enchantress of the Sea, Siren for emergencies.

Other team members can be your highest damage attackers, ideally wood-types. Dark teams with 189i Hera or 131i Underlord Hades can use Gravity to greatly cut the boss's HP as usual.

As long as you're careful, a resist + auto-healer team can beat Expert/Master levels with no problem. It will just take more time.

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