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The second installation in the Sky Dragon Biweekly Dungeon series! You can acquire 218i Wood Skydragon, Horai, a high-damage ATK dragon. It's stronger than 012i Flowerdragon Brachys in the difficult late-game dungeons.


This dungeon has no Heart Orbs, and no way to recover HP. This raises the dungeon difficulty significantly. You need to carefully consider your moves so that every round deals damage, and clear out enemies that are about to attack if possible.

There are 10 battles in this dungeon, so take care to prep your skills before the boss battle. Due to lack of recovery, try to stall on early weak monsters, and be sure to keep an eye on HP.

The final boss 218i Wood Skydragon, Horai has high damage and HP. Since there are no Heart Orbs, there are two strategies: either kill it quick before it kills you, or wear it down with an auto-healer.

All enemies are wood type in this dungeon, so fire-type team members will make it easier to clear mobs.

Monster DataEdit

No. 218
Wood Skydragon, Horai
218i No Evolution Needed
L. Skill
Dragon that specializes in ATK (highest in the game), but weak in other areas. Main skill is okay for clearing trash mobs, but impotent against high-defense bosses. Leader skill is not very useful due to many similar skills.
No. 403
Griffin, the Hunter of Tempests
L. Skill
Griffin has a special orb-enhancing skill that can further increase wood type damage. The only problem is that its HP is extremely low.

Green Skies-MasterEdit

Stamina 50 Money 22976–24960 (479 / Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 14167–14731 (289 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
073i Earth Knight 4028 2 19904 216 073i Lv8
195i Taur Devil 2803 1 15193 1120 195i Lv8
Rare 102i Mystic Stone Knight 5206 3 59949 720 102i Lv8
Invade 403i Griffin, the Hunter of Tempests 15962 2 231088 322 402i Lv7 GoldEgg 100% Drop.
5 012i Flowerdragon Brachys 9375 5 237322 360 010i Lv8
9 093i Mandrake 4311 2 125080 192 092i Lv8
10 218i Wood Skydragon, Horai 15570 3 1056900 920 218i Lv10 GoldEgg 40% Drop.

Green Skies-ExpertEdit

Stamina 25 Money 15392–15432 (616 / Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 8912–8926 (357 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
Rare 027i Lil' Green Dragon 1980 3 18600 40 027i Lv10
051i Emerald Carbuncle 1486 2 4444 70 051i Lv5
061i Hobgoblin 2236 4 8125 70 061i Lv5
073i Earth Knight 2375 2 11736 135 073i Lv5
195i Taur Devil 1269 1 6880 560 195i Lv4
Rare 102i Mystic Stone Knight 3069 3 35347 450 102i Lv5
5 012i Flowerdragon Brachys 4245 5 107467 180 010i Lv4
9 092i Dryad×2 990 2 13200 80 092i Lv10
093i Mandrake 1952 2 56640 96 092i Lv4
10 218i Wood Skydragon, Horai 10553 3 716343 644 218i Lv7 GoldEgg 5% Drop.

Green Skies-IntEdit

Stamina 15 Money 6408–6488 (430 / Sta)
Dungeon 10 Exp 3551–3548 (237 / Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes
027i Lil' Green Dragon 917 3 8611 20 027i Lv5
051i Emerald Carbuncle 797 2 2382 42 051i Lv3
061i Hobgoblin 1199 4 4355 42 061i Lv3
072i Earth Fighter 895 3 2948 70 072i Lv7
195i Taur Devil 502 1 2723 280 195i Lv2
10 218i Wood Skydragon, Horai 3864 3 262268 276 218i Lv3 GoldEgg 2% Drop.

Sample StrategyEdit

The boss's attack is extremely high, likely to kill you without a resist leader. Furthermore, boss HP is very high on Master difficulty, so it's nearly impossible to sweep him in just a few rounds.

For Int and Expert difficulties, a 4x Fire Team is possible. It's not recommended to use 107i Gigas, but rather099i Phoenix Knight instead. Be sure to also bring 201i Empress of Serpents, Echidna, which is extremely useful in this dungeon. 202i Enchantress of the Sea, Siren is actually not a requirement in this team, because she will change your attacking fire orbs into hearts, so it may actually be easier to sweep with all fire-types. For Expert difficulty, if your fire team is not very strong, it will be safer to use the resist/healer setups suggested below instead.

Here is a sample 4x fire team setup:

4x Fire Team Makeup
Leader/Helper 004,113,216 004i113i216i
Core Subs 099,201 099i201i
Possible Subs 107,123,133,142,202,211 107i123i133i142i202i211i

As for Expert/Master difficulties, a Resist/Healer team is the only option. Due to the boss having so much HP, it's recommended to attack with fire types. Players with 189i Hera or 131i Underlord Hades can reduce the boss's HP for an easier time. If using a fire team, be careful of Siren's ability getting in your way. If using a dark (or other color) team, then you need to consider the issue of damage output. Overall, the main thing to consider for a resist team is to increase damage as much as possible while staying alive.

If you only have one 50% resist leader, your total HP (including friend) should be >7000 for Expert, and >9500 for Master. If you have dual 50% resist, then HP should be >6000 for Expert and >8000 for Master.

Here are some sample resist teams:

Resist Team Makeup (Fire)
Leader/Helper 127,144,213,139,204 127i144i213i139i204i
Core Subs 201,202,004,113,216,
Possible Subs 079,081,083,147,148,
Resist Team Makeup (Dark)
Leader/Helper 127,144,213,139,204 127i144i213i139i204i
Core Subs 131,190,202,215,020,121,
Possible Subs 079,081,083,147,148,

Based on many trials by experienced players, you can beat Expert/Master difficulties more safely with the following teams:

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