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Stuck on a dungeon? Not sure how to improve your team? This page will help new players understand the common team setups in the game.

Useful SkillsEdit

A powerful Active Skill can mean the difference between a top-tier powerhouse monster and a mediocre eye-roller, even with all other factors equal. In general, every team can benefit from a selection of the Active Skill types listed below. Of course, you will need to adjust your team as needed based on the dungeon - for instance, some bosses have preemptive status shields, making Delay skills useless.

Skill typeDescriptionExamples
Orb change Especially valuable for mono-color teams, orb changers help prevent droughts of attacking orbs on the board, as well as providing a bigger burst of damage when facing strong enemies. The shorter the cooldown, the more valuable the skill. Skill Transform Attack Stance - Light

Skill Transform Secret Box

Full board change All the benefits of Orb changers, plus the ability to wipe the board clean of Jammers, Poison, and other enemy disturbances. Having this type of skill can easily elevate a monster from "okay" to "valuable" or "overpowered". Skill Transform Ninja Art Fireworks

Skill Transform Western Seven-Star Formation

Burst (Attribute/Type Enhance) Once you've got the ideal board of orbs set up, you can still pile on additional damage with Enhance skills that boost by Attribute or Type. Note that you can only have one of these enhances active at a time. Skill AttackSkill AttributeUp Water Enhancement

Skill TypeUp Unparalleled Destructive Strike

Burst (Orb Enhance) 6% per orb doesn't seem like much, but if you can combine this with a full board of orbs, it comes to a base 280% boost on top of any other damage multipliers! Skill OrbUp Enhanced Fire Orbs

Skill OrbUp Glitter of Aegis

Time stop For a few seconds, you can freely move orbs around to form the perfect board. Can be rendered unnecessary by AwokenSkill19 Extend Time Awoken Skills - or just plain practice. Skill MultipleMove Change the World

Skill MultipleMove Time's Coiled Spring

Delay An extra turn against an enemy can be the equivalent of twice the damage - or twice the healing. With the advent of bosses with status shields these days, delay skills are less essential than they used to be, but they can still be a lifesaver against earlier tough foes. Skill Delay Menace

Skill Delay Force

Defense When you can't delay an enemy, these skills may be almost as useful by letting you survive a hit or two. Be sure you know what the enemy is about to do when you use them, because there are plenty of attacks they won't help you against. Skill DefenceUp Iron Wall Stance

Skill DefenceUp Protection of Divine Wisdom

Bind clear Ideally located on a monster that's bind-immune due to having 2x AwokenSkill10 Resistance-Bind. Can be replaced by AwokenSkill20 Recover Bind, but sometimes you don't have the luxury of matching a row of Hearts. Skill Recover Quick Heal

Skill Recover Shower of Healing

Gravity Once a staple of every team going up against high-HP bosses, now much less popular due to long cooldowns and the escalating strength of burst teams. Still, it has its place for certain leaders like 1218i and 1666i. Skill DirectAttack Wrath of God

Skill DirectAttack Boisterous Dance

To find more Active Skills in these categories, browse the tabs in the Active Skills List.

Basic TeamsEdit

If you have any of the monsters in the recommended starter list in the New Players' Guide, you can start putting together one of these solid teams right away. Look at your starter's Leader Skill to determine which of these teams to aim for.

Advanced TeamsEdit

Most of the basic teams listed above need to stack up Awoken Skills in order to achieve their full potential. These teams are for advanced players who have built up their monsters with lots of 797i TAMADRAs.

Situational TeamsEdit

Sometimes, you can't brute-force a dungeon with your usual team, and will need to put some unconventional monsters to use.