The monsters listed on this page are the most popular/notable examples, but there are many others. Be resourceful and flexible with your own team based on the monsters you have. See individual Monster Guides for more details.

Dragons are, of course, prolific in the game Puzzle & Dragons, but most of them don't make a very good team due to the lack of useful Active Skills. GungHo is starting to amend this with more variety in farmable Dragons, so keep an eye out for any that may help your team. Red (Fire) is currently the strongest Dragon team color, followed by Green (Wood) and Dark.

Dragons usually have high HP and decent ATK in exchange for low RCV, though there are exceptions. Due to their high Team Cost and relative difficulty in getting good subs, Dragon teams are not highly recommended for inexperienced players.

Popular LeadersEdit

MonsterLeader SkillDescription
231i824i 2.5x/3x ATK for Dragons The classic Dragon team leader, easily farmed and skilled up from his survey dungeon, or Legendary Dragons' Footprints/Sky Dragons' Domain.
914i 2.5x ATK and 2.5x RCV for Dragons Not as popular as her sister 912i, but still strong enough if you have nothing else. Team Cost makes her tough for a new player.
1244i 3.5x ATK for Dragons when HP above 50% Possibly the strongest Dragon team leader, but inconvenient for new players due to his massive Team Cost.
1360i 1.5x HP and 3x ATK for Dragons A very good Leader Skill, but his unfitting colors keep him from being more popular.
1344i 3x ATK and 1.35x RCV for Dragons By the time you can evolve this guy, you may not care about running a Dragon team. Partners well with 1244i.
1533i 2.5x ATK for Fire and Dragon types; reduce Light & Dark damage by 50% Tremendously popular due to her usefulness on numerous Fire teams, but extremely hard to evolve.
781i1342i1343i 4x ATK for Dragons when HP is full Very strong farming leader, but it's tough to find friends also running him. Excellent array of Awoken Skills when ultimate evolved.
1215i 1.25x HP and 3.5x ATK for Dragons Another strong leader for a Dark-centric team. His other forms are similarly strong, but are short on useful Awoken Skills.

Popular SubsEdit

MonsterActive SkillDescription
761i 5-turn Heartmaker The other Toy Dragons are similarly effective, but Drawn Joker is the most easily farmable from its survey dungeon.
660i Reduce enemy defense to 0% for 1 turn Free during certain special occasions. Active Skill is situationally useful.
1076i1084i Heal 3000 HP, and change Orbs to Heart Occasionally given out for free as gifts. Stats are not strong, but their pile of Awoken Skills are useful when your team is not yet filled with high-end REM pulls.
1591i1592i1593i Increase Orb drops of own color for 3 turns The farmable Dragon versions of 1331i1333i1335i.
1062i Enhance Wood and Dark Orbs Quite easy to farm, and fits perfectly on 914i's team. Look out for high Team Cost.
1555i Delay enemies by 5 turns Lacks color synergy with most Dragon teams, but double AwokenSkill27 Two-Pronged Attacks and AwokenSkill21 Skill Boosts are nothing to sneeze at.
1726i Reduce enemy defense to 25% for 1 turn; change Water Orbs to Fire Orbs and Heart Orbs to Dark Orbs Three AwokenSkill27 Two-Pronged Attacks and a sky-high ATK make for one intimidating Dragon. Of course, his evolution requirements are extremely difficult.
1732i Change Wood Orbs to Fire Orbs, and Dark Orbs to Heart Orbs Orb changing, and 3 AwokenSkill21 Skill Boosts!
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