The monsters listed on this page are the most popular/notable examples, but there are many others. Be resourceful and flexible with your own team based on the monsters you have. See individual Monster Guides for more details.

Prong-based teams are built from monsters with the Awoken Skill Two-Pronged Attack Two-Pronged Attack. From the FAQs:

How does Two-Pronged Attack Two-Pronged Attack work?
For every attacking match with exactly 4 Orbs, each Two-Pronged Attack Two-Pronged Attack on a monster will increase that monster's total attack power by 1.5x, as well as attacking two enemies at once. So if you make 3 4-Orb matches, a monster with two Two-Pronged Attack Two-Pronged Attacks will attack for (1.5^2)^3 = 11.4x power!
  • The sub-attribute can also activate the boost! For example, matching 3 Water Orbs and 4 Fire Orbs will give No.1555  Eight-Headed Dragon God, Viper Orochi Eight-Headed Dragon God, Viper Orochi 1.5x boost for both its Water and Fire attacks.
  • The sub-attribute will also attack two enemies, and may target different ones from the main attribute. That is to say, your monster may attack up to four enemies at once.
  • If there's only one enemy on screen, you will not launch two attacks, but the 1.5x boost will still activate.
  • Two-Pronged Attack Two-Pronged Attack only activates on a match of 4 Orbs, not 5 or more, but if you make a match of 4 Orbs and a match of 5+ Orbs at the same time, you will activate the skill and spread-attack all enemies with the 1.5x added boost.

A monster with one Prongs is a boost, a monster with two Prongs is a powerhouse, and a monster with three Prongs is a beast!

Currently, green (Wood) and Light are the most common prong team colors. A prong-based team doesn't necessarily have to be a Mono-color team, but focusing on a dominant color makes it easy to maximize damage output.

Popular Leaders[edit | edit source]

Monster Leader Skill Description
No.1670  Norn of the Past, Urd
No.1925  魔槍の秘術神・オーディン
No.1674  Norn of the Future, Skuld
No.1373  Genius Sleeping Dragon, Zhuge Liang
No.1672  Norn of the Present, Verdandi
No.1335  Creator God, Vishnu
No.1422  Guardian of the Sacred City, Athena
No.1727  Divine Law Goddess, Valkyrie Rose
No.1557  Dancing Flame, Amaterasu Ohkami
No.1371  Crazed King of Purgatory, Beelzebub

Popular Subs[edit | edit source]

Monster Active Skill Description
No.229  Phoenix Knight HomuraNo.822  Burning Phoenix Knight, HomuraNo.1728  Phoenix Goddess, Valkyrie FemmeNo.556  Flame Shrine Maiden, ChiyomeNo.1191  Blazing Shrine Maiden, Chiyome 5-turn Orb changers
No.1726  Awoken Hinokagutsuchi
No.1301  Dino Rider, Wild DrakeNo.1302  Beast Rider, Wiz Merlin
No.230  Fenrir Knight KamuiNo.823  Torrential Fenrir Knight, KamuiNo.1729  Azure Goddess, Valkyrie ReineNo.558  Blue Wind Ninja, HatsumeNo.1192  Blue Wind Ninja Princess, Hatsume 5-turn Orb changers
No.1297  Divine Wardens, Umisachi&Yamasachi Strong on their own as Rainbow Leaders, but usually serve as subs if used for their 2x Prongs.
No.1555  Eight-Headed Dragon God, Viper Orochi
No.1741  Soaring Dragon General, Sun Quan
No.1302  Beast Rider, Wiz MerlinNo.1303  Marine Rider, Bard Robin
No.231  Ancient Dragon KnightNo.824  Ancient Dragon Knight, ZealNo.1730  Thorned Goddess, Valkyrie ElizeNo.560  Wind Prodigy, SasukeNo.1193  Gusting Prodigy, SasukeNo.1209  Wolf Hero, Ignis Cu Chulainn 5-turn Orb changers
No.1743  Restrained Dragon Hero, Liu Bei
No.1556  Demon Slayer, Susano no Mikoto
No.1301  Dino Rider, Wild DrakeNo.1303  Marine Rider, Bard Robin
No.232  Verche, the Knight of the SkyNo.825  Godly Knight of the Sky, VercheNo.1727  Divine Law Goddess, Valkyrie RoseNo.562  Lightning Storm, Fuma KotaroNo.1194  Thunder Horn Master, Fuma Kotaro 5-turn Orb changers
No.1785  warrior rose, graceful valkyrie
No.1586  Shining Goddess of Secrets, Kali
No.1304  Dragon Rider, King ArthurNo.1305  Gryps Rider, Vector Finn
No.1337  Scholarly God, Ganesha
No.233  Chaos Dragon KnightNo.826  Chaos Dragon Knight, VoiceNo.1731  Black-Winged Goddess, Valkyrie ClaireNo.564  High Dark Ninja, HanzoNo.1195  Moonlit Shadow, Hattori Hanzo 5-turn Orb changers
No.1305  Gryps Rider, Vector FinnNo.1304  Dragon Rider, King Arthur
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