Gold Cove-Master

Stamina 40 Money 12328-16000 (354/Sta)
Dungeon 5 Exp 9668-11327 (262/Sta)
Dungeon Monster Battle Turn Hp Defence Loot Notes

May drop Money 3000/5000.
059i Marine Goblin 7055 3 25822 210 059i Lv15
Skill Void Heal Jammer Gem6Gem7
50% chance. 1 time max.
197i Harpie Devil 2440 1 13318 980 197i Lv7
Skill AttackUp Anger ATK→3172 for 3 turns.
40% chance.
198i Harpie Demon 3762 1 34668 1540 198i Lv7
Skill Lock Dark Bind Bind Gem5 for 2–4 turns.
10% chance.
1007i Gold Pirate 4026 1 26128 980 1007i Lv7
Preemptive. Skill used based on board layout.
Skill Void Light Orb change Gem5Gem4
Skill Void Light Orb change Gem1Gem4
Skill Void Light Orb change Gem2Gem4
Skill DamageTransform Flash Edge Gem0Gem4 and hit for 3221.
Used every other turn.
Rare 981i Green Pirate Skill 1 26128 980 981i Lv7
Skill DamageTransform Pillage Gem0Gem7 and hit for 2818.
Alternates with Double Strike.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Double Strike Multi-Hit (2) 5636
Alternates with Pillage.
Invade 903i Lightning Chaser Skill 1 443877 3360 902i Lv7
Skill AttackUp Chase Mode ATK→7076 for 5 turns.
HP50%↓:100% chance.
Skill DamageTransform Discharge Gem0Gem4 and hit for 2830 (Chase Mode→5661).
HP25%↑Alternates with Volt Axe.
Skill EnemyAttack Volt Axe 3892 (Chase Mode→7784)
HP25%↑:Alternates with Discharge.
Skill DamageTransform Thunder Weapon Gem0Gem4 and hit for 5661 (Chase Mode→11322).
HP24%↓:100% chance.
5 977i Gold Pirate Dragon, Anne & Mary 5673 1 2139677 3220 977i Lv7
Skill EnemyAttack Blitz Attack 5673
Skill DirectAttack Rackham's Broadside Cut player HP by 99%.
HP50%↑:70% chance. Will not be used consecutively.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Cross Cutlass Multi-Hit (2) 6808
HP50%↑:70% chance.

HP49%↓:Use the following skills:

Skill AttackUp Triple Combination ATK→8510 for 5 turns.
Used when buff is not active.
Skill EnemyMultipleAttack Cross Cutlass Multi-Hit (2)  (Triple Combination→10212)
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