• Hi! I was just curious why you deleted my Ruins of the Star Vault sample team? It's was basically just a Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao spike team with Echidna for safety. Yeah, that's pretty basic, but I couldn't 0-stone the dungeon until I tried that (the last level hits too hard and has too much health for anything but a 16x+ spike team.) We see plenty of Kirin/Kirin 25x spike teams and those don't get deleted: They're basic to the point of being "usless" too, but they work and they give newer players a hint of what to do. Add to the fact that there are NO sample teams, it's nice to have one example. (I've honestly lost Ruins of the Star Vault 3-4 times and was kinda scratching my head as to how to beat it: it seems deceptively easy.) Thanks!

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    • Honestly, the dungeon is relatively basic, with no fancy enemy skills, and can be beaten with any solid, non-specific team (for which "Spike leaders + Echidna" is about as generic as they come). The only requirement is "Look at the stats of the bosses, and make sure you can do enough damage or survive them." With a strategy as broad as that, I'd rather just see it written as a tip at the top of the dungeon page because... there's nothing else to note, really. (Feel free to make that edit, btw.)

      And as it says in the Sample Team Guidelines, if you see any sample teams elsewhere that you feel are extraneous or not specific enough, feel free to point them out for review. We admins certainly don't take the time to scrutinize every existing team.

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