• Some of the leader skills have an "unexpected '=' operator". Do you know how to fix this? I can help with doing this (if you follow the templates in the View Source thing you can eventually get to the correct place to edit the skills... I think.)
    Still only view source, but I can see the code:
    It looks pretty much the same as this (some random Leader Skill page I just used):

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    • It should work, they look the same... Is it because some of the = signs don't have content after them? Maybe you can do:

      |name=Absolute Chaos

      Maybe I'm just too used to HTML?
      (By the way, to actually post the text instead of the template and <_> commands, you can do:
      That, above, used 2 pairs of "nowiki"... things, and only one showed.)

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    • It's because of Template:Skill/Description. If you'd like to try and figure it out, feel free to make it a learning process. Otherwise one of us admins will get to it.

      (Hint: it's because the first expression is expecting a value for "percentage" but that skill data doesn't have one.)

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