• Hey Flyingstraightup,

    I saw the blog that said most of the EN admins were leaving to another host. I'm sorry to hear it's come to that - I have read and understand some of the frustrations this wikia expressed to us via our Special:Contact tool in recent weeks - but I do genuinely want to wish you the best. I run some MediaWiki installations both on and off Wikia, so I certainly have some respect for people who go this avenue even if it's something I wish it didn't come to.

    I do appreciate the tone in the blog post that admins (and other departing contributors) should simply leave this wikia for the other and not try to harm this wikia or otherwise unduly influence it. I do need to stress that that's really important from Wikia's perspective - we truly believe that the community members should freely decide if they are going to stay or go as individuals and we want to make sure that those who stay are allowed to run the wikia as they would any other community here.

    I would submit that if you are truly committed to going on to the other community, that you resign your admin position here to avoid conflict of interest and help Wikia understand who wants to stay behind and help run this community. I'm not saying this is mandatory, but I think it would go a long way to helping a peaceful transition for both sides. I will be looking for new admins in a few weeks once people have thought it over.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

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    • Hi DaNASCAT, thanks for your understanding. I've done my research before our departure and I understand Wikia's desires and policies about such an event. Though we had our grievances, I appreciate Wikia having hosted us all this time (especially after a couple weeks of fun with MediaWiki on my own!). I have no problem with taking off my admin hat here, we are leaving this wikia in the hands of you and any new future admins.

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