"Ultimate Evolution" is the name for a second evolution system added within the version 4.0 update that enables certain monsters to gain a second subtype and change their leader skill.

Fusion MethodEdit


Ultimate Evo special effect

Unlike normal "Evo Fusion", ultimate evolution uses the "Power-Up Fusion" button. When you put the correct combination of materials into the fusion screen, the "Begin Fusion!" button will change colors and pulse brightly, and after fusing you will be given the option to evolve. If the Begin Fusion! button is not changing colors or glowing, do not Fuse the materials because they will just be used for XP and no Ultimate Evolution will take place.

Unlike normal evolution, there is no level requirement for ultimate evolution, so it can be done at any time, even level 1. However, the monster must be in its "final" evolution state before Ultimate Evo will be successful.  The evolution materials used also contribute EXP to the monster, like a normal Power-Up Fusion.

Ultimate evolutions may have numerous branches, with different materials required for each.

Sub-Type EffectsEdit

An ultimate evolved monster will gain a sub-type, displayed in the bottom-right corner of its portrait.

  1. Matching the sub-type's color orbs will trigger the sub-type's attack.
  2. If the sub-type is different from the main type, the sub-type does damage equal to 30% of the monster's ATK. If the sub-type is the same as the main type, the sub-type does damage equal to 10% of the monster's ATK.
  3. Whether their colors are the same or different, the main type and sub-type count as two separate attacks. The sub-type damage is calculated separately against the enemy defense and element type.
  4. Sub-types are also subject to leader skills. For example, a Fire/Water type monster benefits from both Fire- and Water-boosting leaders.
  5. Binding a sub-type's element binds the monster, even if the main type isn't bound this way.

"Awoken" EvolutionsEdit

Certain Gods, such as 123i War Deity Minerva, have an end-game Ultimate Evolution that is extremely hard to achieve, but results in an incredibly powerful monster. This evolution contains "Awoken" in the name, such as 1533i Awoken Minerva.

  • Evolution requires boss drops from Descended dungeons, in addition to other rare Evo Mats.
  • The God may lose its God typing and trade it for two other types instead.
  • It will gain a huge stack of Awoken Skills.
  • It will acquire an entirely new Active Skill. This is a good candidate to feed "Py" 1547i1548i1549i1550i1551i to, because they will not have any other Skill-Up fodder.

Reverting Ultimate EvolutionEdit

If you feed these materials to an ultimate evolved monster, they will revert to their previous form so that you can evolve them in a different direction or Awaken them more easily.

Revert Materials
155i 156i 157i 158i 159i

Fusion TablesEdit

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