Current StatusEdit

I'm an active non-IAP player.

My Player's BioEdit

I run two profiles on US.

Name ID Main leads
1 [HKG]失落豬 330,551,210 656i752i754i693i895i

693i (Weekends for Ocean of Heaven)
897i (Tengu!!!, RO ACE Collab)
756i (Thursdays)

2 lostpig 398,962,298 988i824i893i639i1239i
695i (Draggie!, Tengu!!!, RO ACE Collab)

Friend List PolicyEdit

Main is seeking 754i, 750i, 889i. Both are seeking fully awoken GOdin and high level SOD Lucifer. I usually drop friends who have not played for 14 days.

Player Profile LinksEdit

I don't have one. :)

Current Dungeon ProgressEdit

Recent Dungeon Clear Recent Floor Clear Dungeon Type
To be written

Notable Rare Egg Machine PullsEdit

Date Monster Type
140i Yomi First REM pull for BOTH profiles
376i Loki Second REM pull, main profile
138i Amaterasu Second REM pull, sub profile
132i Kagutsuchi

Notable Special Dungeon DropsEdit

Date Monster Dungeon/Floor Note
350i Formula Hera-Ur Descended/Legend A trophy worth burning a stone for !

Impending EvolutionsEdit

Next Evolution Level Evo Materials Missing Evo Materials
To be written

+ = Skill Up and Awoken Skill Fodder
! = Level Capped

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