About MeEdit

I'm Char, I will occasionally edit pages that need to be edited. I will also try to post news updates as fast as possible.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I also have 69 apps on my iPod ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

MY FAN-MADE DUNGEONS: Click here or here or here

Starting Pull: 378i Dino Rider This was over a year ago, and I hadn't heard of the concept of "Good Starting Pull" until I was like rank 100 or something, so I didn't start over

First God: 136i Susano Again, this was over a year ago, around Christmas I believe. He's Ult Evo'd and level 61 now :D

Godfest PullsEdit

Player's Choice Godfest 2013-14 Rolls

Lunar New Year Heroes/Chinese Godfest

  • 384i Dragon Rider Maybe this is a sign... I may get a Gryps Rider soon...

Egyptian/Norse Godfest: Hearts-a-Flutter Event

Main Leaders: 692i Earth-Rending Emperor, Siegfried, 814i Yomi Mistress, Izanami, 693i Noble Wolf King Hero, Cu Chulainn, 754i Soul Guardian Byakko, Haku, 629i Seraph of Dawn Lucifer, In Progress: 811i Empress God, Izanami, 492i Isis, 598i Hera-Ur, 646i Satan, 190i Awoken Hera (hoping to Ult Evo her one day)


1088i Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia, 642i Dark Angel Metatron, 1107i Phantom God, Odin, 1094i Cyclone Devil Dragon, 498i #OneTrueGod, 490i Horus, 805i Izanagi, 972i Lovely Maiden, Princess Valkyrie, 1176i Keeper of Gold, 911i Red Dragon Caller, Sonia


1089i 365i 685i 365i 365i 1089i

643i 1108i 684i 387i 564i 643i

Gungtroll RecordsEdit

Overall Summary: Yay... Bomb Skill-ups...

  • Ocean of Heaven, 2/11. Sea-God of Heaven. 5 egg drops, only 1 +egg, 3 2-stars drops, two 3-stars drops.

Overall Summary: Siegfried is appreciating every single + coming his way... Would've preferred an ATK + over an HP +.

Current StatusEdit

I'm an active player who tries to IAP as little as possible. I've compiled a list of my current priorities here.

Task Priority
Team Building & Leveling High
Super ??? Dragons Descended, King Carnival, Dungeon of Gold Dragons High
??? War Dragon, Mystic ??? Dragon, ??? Dragon Knight, ??? Insect Dragon Medium
Twitter Survey Dungeons Medium
Pengdra Village, Alert! Metal Dragons!, Dungeon of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Dragons Medium
Normal Dungeon Progress Low
??? Flower Dragon, ??? Pirate Dragon Low
Ranking Up Low
Technical Dungeon Progress Low

Dungeon ProgressEdit

Recent Dungeon Clear Recent Floor Clear Dungeon Type
Starlight Sanctuary King of the Gods Normal
Legendary Mountain Path Storm Dragon of the Holy Peak Technical

Impending EvolutionsEdit

Next Evolution Level Evo Materials Missing Evo Materials
Awoken Athena > Guardian of the Sacred City, Athena 14 2/5 Mystic Mask, Jewel of Wood, Jewel of Light
Wind Courier Kano > Kano, the Daughter of Nature 50 1/5 Divine Jade Mask, Dragon Fruit x2, Mystic Mask

Descends ListEdit

Fully cleared: 189i 221i 187i 810i 915i 1085i 1294i 1062i 648i 1118i 646i 645i 1463i 812i 1525i 1176i 1250i 650i 1252i 565i 225i 1509i 596i 1225i 1472i 1631i 781i 1711i 1425i 599i 1461i 1648i 1098i 1590i 1945i 2008i

Partially cleared: 744i 778i 1248i 1307i 1189i 1629i 1223i 1754i 1837i 1879i

Hoping to clear: 1532i 1760i 000i 1923i 000i 000i 000i 000i 000i 000i 000i

Miscellaneous StuffEdit

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