GG App Categories Edit

Note: "-->" leads to subcategories. NP are categories that shouldn't include any pages (only subcategories), with some minor exceptions. PG are categories that can contain pages.
By and large categories shouldn't cross over, ie a page should not be categorized as both "Dungeon" and "Normal Dungeon", as the Normal Dungeon category is nested within the Dungeon category.
  1. Category:Gameplay (PG)
  2. Category:Skills (NP) --> (Category:Active Skill; includes all Effect categories, such as Category:Effect:Attack All; and Category:Enemy Skill) (all PG)
  3. Category:Dungeon (NP) --> (Category:Normal Dungeon (PG); Category:Technical Dungeon (PG); Category:Special Dungeon (NP))
  4. Category:Monster Lists (NP) --> (Category:Monsters by Attribute; Category:Monsters by Rarity; Category:Monsters by Series; Category:Monsters by Sub Attribute; and Category:Monsters by Type) (all PG)
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